Pachavega 70-hour Heal and Ignite Raw Food Chef Certificate Course

Pachavega 70-hour Heal and Ignite Raw Food Chef Certificate Course

“I loved what I learned including the more subtle aspects of raw food preparation such as gourmet, artistic, how to use tools, how to improvise and create new recipes. I’ve gained confidence to be a great raw food chef. So much gratitude to Danielle and all my classmates. I loved Danielle’s awareness of everyone’s specific conditions. I loved her free flowing style, inviting everyone, no matter the skill level. I learned so much from the other students too. Love, love, love!” – Jill LaBelle Sophie Shouldice, Vancouver Island, BC

“Danielle and I met a couple of days before the Fuego y Agua Survival Run. Words fall short to describe her attitude towards life and healthy living. It is said you need to have love for what you are doing to excel at it. This beautiful soul exemplifies that in everything she does. Danielle guided me through a variety of products to supplement my race diet. I am so grateful our paths crossed. She consciously chooses to get the best out of people whether this is through motivational insights or her passionate approach to things. I have never learned so much in such a short amount of time. Her energy and holistic vision not only healed my body and ignited my spirit, but also ignited my body and healed my spirit.” – Arian Van Helden

“Danielle is Amazing! She has done such a wonderful job integrating raw food into real life. Her energy, passion, and commitment to whole body wellness is evident and inspiring. Whether you’re new to the lifestyle or are someone who wants to take control of your wellbeing, this course is for you. Danielle will rock your world with light, love, energy and whole foods to ignite your spirit!” – Desirae Jaenen

“I signed up for a certificate but received so much more. By the end of the first day, I knew I wanted to upgrade to the full 70 hour course. This has inspired me to expand my knowledge and share my passion with others.” – Holly Strong

“The Pachavega Raw food course was so much more than I could have imagined. The course content was so rich and educational, the food was incredible and Danielle is such an amazing teacher. Thank you Danielle for sharing your gift of passion for health and life with the world!” – Leahan Frandsen

“This course is not for one single aspect of life, it encompasses the problem of our habits and the ancient wisdom of pure, healing food for longevity in life”. – Ethan Elliot

“The recipes were all incredibly tasty, Danielle’s passion for the food and the topics we discussed were infectious – an exciting introduction into the world of raw, living food”. – Gillian Shepherd

“I appreciate the whole foods and enjoyed creating and eating beautiful dishes that we made. All wrong! They were delicious. Danielle is an inspiring person full of knowledge and experiences. Great teacher! Ethan, the assistant, was also very helpful and knowledgeable! I know how to add flavors and techniques to make eating raw more delicious now 🙂 Danielle’s chef skills and holistic approach to this healthy lifestyle has really inspired me to share and create dishes with veggies, nuts, seeds, essential oils, herbs and more for my family friends and students.” – Kim Goddard