INDIA – Core Healing India Pvt Ltd

INDIA – Core Healing India Pvt Ltd
A – 603, La Cresta, Sopanbaug
Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Using cutting-edge computer software along with Biofeedback, Rife Frequencies, Orgonite, Scalar and Electro-crystal Energy, we are able to harmonize people and places in a very short time. All we need is the clients willingness and a photograph. After that, our work begins…

Our Remote Transmissions can support…

Rapid emotional healing for all negative states including anger and depression.
Healing and balancing the physical body without medicine or surgery.
Deepening of meditation, prayer and spiritual understanding.
Harmonizing babies and pets without any physical contact.
Clearing the negative energies of homes, offices and plots of land.
Selling properties which have been stagnant for years.
Creating Peace and Positivity for large groups of people ( families / office staff )
Enhancing businesses by uplifting the staff, energizing the products,
and clearing up stagnant energies in the workplace.
Creating a sense of safety, joy and protectedness in your day-to-day life.