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Guided Imagery Books, CDs, DVDs, MP3s & Mobile Phone Apps

Your Alternatives for Healing search for Guided Imagery Books resulted in the following matches:

Books and CDs by LightSong School of Shamanic Studies


Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart, WINNER of the Editor's Choice Award, shows you how to incorporate the power of self-awareness, integrating the mind, heart and soul. Awaken-Unburden-Create: guided meditation CDs are designed to help you remove negative energetic blocks and patterns. Take Your Body with You: a shamanic drumming CD, is exceptional in raising vibrational frequencies
MP3s by Carol Henderson, Certified Hypnotherapist

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis - contains subliminal suggestions directed at your subconscious mind, where all cravings, desires, urges and longing for cigarettes arise. And Ultimate Relaxation- contains binaural beats, music, and Carol’s voice, all customized to lead you slowly and comfortably, into the most comfortable and relaxed state you can experience while you are still awake.
Heart Inspired Presentations


Books and CDs to help you improve your wealth consciousness, health, relationships, and spiritual connection. Top sellers include Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen (book and audio book), The Science of Getting Rich CD set and Life Purpose CD. We also offer online and email courses and teleseminars.
Hemi-Sync® Brainwave CDs


Hemi-Sync® binaural beat CDs can help you experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states. Specific sound patterns lead the brain to various states of consciousness for expanded awareness and other “extraordinary” states. With over 50 years of R&D, there are more than 250 products available for stress management, meditation, sleep enhancement, enhanced wellbeing, and focused attention.
The Way To Balance


We produce CDs designed by combining targeted sound frequencies/therapy, guided imagery, hypnotherapy and music to entrain both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and activate cellular memory in the body for emotional healing, personal transformation and enhanced intuition. Educational topics on DVD/CD include Medical Intuition, Dialoguing with the Body, Ancient Egypt, etc.
Jonathan Parker


More than a 1000 Audio Programs available on MP3s to download on metaphysics, enlightenment, meditation, alternative healing, prosperity, success, and many areas of personal growth and transformation. Workshops and meditation retreats, TeleConference meditations, articles, free audios and videos. Jonathan Parker has also done more than 30,000 private spiritual counseling sessions via phone.
A Book Source


A new online book store featuring the works of leadership, self-help, motivational, and inspirational authors such as James Allen, Lily L. Allen, Orison Swett Marden, Christian D. Larson, Ralph Waldo Trine, Emile Coue, Prentice Mulford, Wallace D. Wattles, Russell H. Conwell, Elbert Hubbard, Fenwicke L. Holmes, William George Jordan, and more. We are an outlet for Sun Books.
Lifestreams Healing Educational Downloads


Lifestreams Healing is an online education and support company designed to inspire the evolutionary impulse in all through audio downloads, free articles and private consultations. We also offer tele-meditations and tele-groups. Visit our website and receive two free downloads.
The Space Between Books and Audio


The Space Between is a true story of transformation, inspiration and hope - an odyssey that is certain to touch your heart and heal your soul. Join Patricia Reed along her spiritual journey through the metaphysical, where what was once black and white transmutes to infinite shades of gray, and meet some extraordinary characters along the way. Audio and MP3 available too.
Guided Meditations and Visualizations for Relaxation & Self-Healing


If you are new to the practice of meditation then these CDs are for you! Meditation instructor Krista Arthur-Magidson will help you to relax muscles, unwind the mind and rejuvenate the spirit in under 20 minutes a day with these original guided meditations. Relax the body, focus the mind, and cultivate inner peace with easy to follow instructions, inspirational guided imagery, and soothing music.
New Leaf Distributing Company


New Leaf is the world’s largest wholesale distributor of books, recorded media and products related to the areas of Spirituality, Metaphysics, Natural Alternative Wellness, and Conscious Living. We believe that the products we sell make a difference in people’s lives and to humanity. Since 1975, we have grown with the Body/Mind/Spirit movement with innovative support for independent retailers.
The Monroe Institute


TMI is a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to enhancing the uses and understanding of human consciousness. The Monroe Institute is not affiliated with any religion, philosophy, or spiritual practice. We offer programs utilizing the world-renowned audio tools & technologies developed by Robert Monroe. Books, CDs, Audio downloads and more.
Jonathan Goldman Healing Sounds


Visit Sound Healing Pioneer, Jonathan Goldman's, exciting new website for all his latest books and recordings considered classics in the field. Listen to samples of his award winning CD’s now available as direct downloads in the highest quality MP3.
Healing Energy and Learning audio programs


Learn how your subconscious holds belief systems, and how to change them to help you instead of work against you. Teach your mind, body, and spirit to eliminate limiting programs. Learn about the power of focused thought, intention through the energy of the heart, and how to balance your energy, clear negative energy, and use your energy to help yourself heal. Empowerment that lasts forever!
How to Heal Yourself and Others Now


By Jimmy Mack, medical intuitive and spiritual life coach. This book is an overview and method that can create transformational Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit, People, Places, Pets and Situations! It is the culmination of a variety of healing methods that I have taken, boiled down into a simple method that can change everything. For the hard copy version go to
Speak Up and Stay Alive - the patient advocate hospital survival guide


A trip to the hospital can be dangerous. Every year hospital errors claim roughly 450,000 lives. Heart attacks are misdiagnosed 47% of the time. Hospital death rates increase up to 34% in July. Why do these things happen? What can you do about them? How can you be safe? The book tells all. And all book proceeds go toward the military pillowcase project - Sewport Our Troops.
If I'm Crazy, I Am In Good Company


If I’m Crazy, I Am In Good Company is about ordinary people using the intuitive gifts we are given at birth, in extraordinary ways. Based on personal experiences as an intuitive and stories by highly intuitive individuals from around the globe, this book offers insightful stories that explore how our intuitive senses teach and guide each of us every day.
Empowerment Through Forgiveness- Take Back Your Life!


Edey wrote this book to share the incredible power which exists within forgiveness. How Edey became empowered by looking outside the walls of her pain and anger; moving beyond discomfort and confusion to release that which was determined to swallow her up, wholly and completely. How she chose to take what was agonizing and terrifying and to turn it around and become stronger because of it all.
Phoenix Rising Star Books and Guided Meditations


Books and Guided Meditations. Includes: The Ascension Intention Meditation - raising your vibration toward ascension through the power of the divine; The Archangel Michael Grid - shifting consciousness, changing the personal and planetary frequencies and expediting ascension; and more to choose from.
Spiritual Healing 1 by Golden Lotus


Learn about our energy systems, our consciousness, how issues and karma are created, how to heal yourself, who The Ascended Masters are, and so much more. Many healing techniques and meditations that we teach are included in this book.
Guided Meditation CDs by Golden Lotus


We currently offer the following guided meditation CDs: 1. Creation & Manifestation -create what you want, 2. Expansion of Consciousness -expand outside yourself, 3. Connect with Your Spirit Guides & Angels -meet your guides, angels, & animal totems, 4. Connect with Your Higher Self -experience your Divine Self, 5. Rainbow Healing -heal yourself, 6. Earth Healing -help heal the Earth.
18 - Mystical Word Jazz


Only 18 minutes that will take you to places you have never been to before. Not your average meditation CD. Shayna is a Certified Sound Healer, trained by Chant Master Jonathan Goldman. She has also studied vibrational aromatherapy through Ixchel Susan Leigh, the author and teacher of Aromatic Alchemy. MP3 now available.
Health: Mind Body Soul


This exciting new edition features well known health experts, speakers and authors. Barbara Ford-Latty, RN, MA joins Dr. John Gray, Dr. Earl Mindell, and Dr. Norman Rosenthal, in offering up-to-date information on energy, holism, nutrition, relationships, aging and more. With so much information included, this book offers clear, insightful explanations of the essentials of wellbeing.
Books and CD's published by Life Time Success 4 U


Fast, effective healing CDs and tips from trauma and addiction, using hypnosis, N.L.P. and emotional freedom techniques. Lifetime Success for you was founded as a catalyst to help people heal, re-frame e their image of themselves and reach new heights. Books and CDs designed to help you to eliminate the limiting beliefs and the pain that is holding you back from moving forward with confidence.


Guided Imagery Books, CDs, DVDs, MP3s & Mobile Phone Apps and Guided Imagery Definition

Guided Imagery uses the power of the mind to bring about healing. Guided Imagery involves a group of various techniques in which the subject uses mental imagery to help with relaxation, reduction of pain, behavior modification, and releasing old belief patterns and perceptions that interfere with health and healing. This can be done through sessions with a therapist, or may be self-induced through tools such as tapes and CDs.



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