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Aromatherapy Products

Your search for Products specializing in Aromatherapy resulted in:

Gudi's Aromatherapy - European essential oil blends 760-632-0385
Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years to heal the body, mind, and emotions. Here at Gudi’s Aromatherapy the focus is on oil blends created with a specific intent - a unique therapeutic experience of treating the whole body, emotional well-being, and strengthening the immune system. We offer aromatherapy products for Labor and Delivery (childbirth), natural first aid remedies, home diffusers, perfumes, body and bath products and gift baskets. Available for group events.
Aroma Sensations 877-557-1010
Aroma Sensations is very proud to introduce you to our aromatic essential oils in a revolutionary format for inhalation. Our 100% natural products utilize the therapeutic and medicinal properties of essential oils. We carry essential oils for snoring, migraines, insomnia, stress and more. Try our Muscle Mist herbal pain relief spray for arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, sciatica and many other conditions. New beautiful aromatherapy lockets and necklaces available too.
Julia Rose Botanicals 303-668-4884
Julia Rose Botanicals specializes in premium-grade, organic medical-use essential oils, floral waters, carrier oils, electro-mechanical diffusers and a variety of other items to meet the needs of the professional and end-user alike. We also offer special "blends" of essential oils to meet specific needs. Julia Rose Botanicals is now celebrating its fourth year of offering quality products and excellent service.
Flower Essence Services 800-548-0075
For nearly three decades Flower Essence Services has earned a reputation for professional quality and service. Our FES Quintessentials flower essences are verified by extensive clinical feedback from health practitioners world-wide. We also offer the Healing Herbs™ brand of Bach essences, Flourish formulas, Terra Flora essential oils and Seasons of the Soul herbal body care oils. Our flower essences and body oils are certified Biodynamic®, with organic and wild-harvested ingredients.
Pure Perfume - Energetically charged 800-813-5888
Be unique, higher-self guided, and in sync with your Soul…try our Soul’s Journey perfumes. The aromas in the Creative Life Sciences’ “Soul’s Journey” line of scents are from real perfume oils only. Our perfumes do not contain alcohol or any fillers. When you make a purchase, we will focus into your morphic fields, or of the person you will be gifting it to, and “tune” the perfume energetically (infuse a specific frequency to resonate with the life purpose of the person receiving it).
Nature's Brands- Natural Health & Organic Skin Care 888-417-1375
7 natural brands to help you look beautiful, feel younger, and be healthier. Nature's Brands distributes a range of quality natural herbal remedies and beauty skin care products including natural vitamins, green foods, body PH supplements, health remedies, wellness formulas, organic skin care products and natural makeup. Avoid Potentially Dangerous Chemicals and Additives by using our all natural products. Free shipping for orders over $50 (after discount) in the continental USA.
Elizabeth Van Buren Essential Oil Therapy 800-710-7759
The power of the Elizabeth Van Buren's vision is grounded in GC/MS analyzed therapeutic grade essential oils and botanical healing products that bring holistic health and aromatic balance to a world just awakening to the need for preventative medicine. We offer over 70 different therapeutic grade essential oils from around the world and more than 20 therapeutic blends both for retail and wholesale customers. We also carry massage oils, carrier oils, hydrosols, skin care products and more.
Flora Medica Genuine and Authentic Essential Oils 877-363-3422
Flora Medica (founded 1992) by author, holistic nurse and clinical aromatherapist, Valerie Cooksley, brings you the highest quality essential oils and specialty carrier oils produced from around the world. Our commitment is to offer you safe and effective options for creating a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, through competitively priced, 100% pure, genuine and authentic essential oils for personal and professional use.
The Way To Balance 978-834-0341
We manufacture a vast product line that targets a variety of health conditions, and promotes intuitive enhancement and personal growth. Products include emotional healing and chakra balancing aromatherapies and meditation tools, EMF protection and bodycare products, programmed crystals and jewelry, sound and music therapies, metaphysical and quantum healing tools, bath and body oils, meditation and self-healing CDs, nutritional supplements, and much more.
Aromatics International
In order for essential oils to be considered therapeutic quality we believe they must be pure plant extracts. We test our oils! Customers can access the GC/MS report for every essential oil on The farmers we work with farm without the use of chemicals. Many of the distillers we work with worldwide live in remote, rural communities. We offer essential oils, resins, carrier oils, diffusers, bottles, inhalers and more. Wholesale pricing available.
Het-Heru’s Chamber 512-966-3517
From the Land of Pharaohs and Queens renowned for their spiritual teachings and beauty practices, Het-Heru's Chamber offers 'scentilizing' Sacred Oils, all natural Soaps, Oasis Body Butters and Oasis Body Oils for 'thirsty' skin that are reminiscent of being inside an ancient Egyptian chamber. Het-Heru's Chamber consists of essential oil products with a 'spiritual intent'. Experience the scents beyond the scenes. Sacred oils for Love, Prosperity, Chakra Balancing and more.
My Spa Shop 877-697-7274
Welcome to our online community, where you can interact with specialists and learn about new products for home beauty & spa, holistic acupressure and massage, home fitness, health and transformative well-being. Take a Virtual Spa Journey that is informative, engaging advisors in an online community who have combed the world to find extraordinary products. Shop in our gallery of distinctive spa gifts and beautiful home decor, arts & crafts handpicked from globally sourced artisans.
Aromatherapeutix 800-308-6284
We stock and sell over 170 single-note essential oils at impressive discounts. Each of these oils is properly distilled, 100% pure and sold at full strength. We also carry 100% pure essential oil blends, aromatherapy supplies, diffusers and healthy lifestyle products. Many products are exclusive to AromaTherapeutix and available only from us. Please remember to request a free print catalog and aromatherapy guide from our website or call 800-308-6284.
Essential Essence 801-567-0557
The Institute of Chiropractic & Acupuncture Therapy provides a private line of essential oils, under the label Essential Essence, that are available for retail and also wholesale at discounted prices. The oils are extremely high quality. And because they are not sold through network marketing, discounts are available for physicians and therapists who purchase large volumes for resale in their practices. Oils not found on the price list may be available upon request.
Source Healing Baths by Ministry Of Consciousness 775-624-7862
Contains salts, essential oils, proclamations, directions, herbs, energy and prayers. Transmute current energies in the chakra systems to higher state of being. Choices are: Root, Second, BB, Spleen, Heart and secondary Heart, Throat and Mouth of God, Third and Seventh Eye and Crown. Cycle (PMS), Detox, Trauma (injury, stress, fear) and Soothing (self nurturing) Energy Baths are also available. $13 per bath, discount for 5, 10, 15 and 20 packages. Please contact for more information.
Smudge Blends by Ministry Of Consciousness 775-624-7862
Smudge blends are used for ritual, ceremony, cleansing, blessing, or as incense. Each blend is prayed for and energy enhanced. Smudge blend choices are: Cleansing for big Energy Clean up jobs, Gabriel for Healing, God/Goddess for offerings, Miracle for enhancing prayer. 4 pack minimum for $16. Please contact for more info.
Strongest Minds - Emotional Health & Wellness Products 800-474-1667
We carry an award winning line of body care created to not only smooth and soften with all natural, mostly organic ingredients, but our line is designed to enhance positivity, calm anxiety, anger, stress and bring confidence, joy and peace back to your life. We also have a great line of incredibly scented and vibrant color changing candles! As a Practitioner For Emotional Health Naturally is all about emotional health and comfort.
Full Spectrum Energy Medicine Products 610-275-3371
We offer vitamin & mineral supplements, digestive enzymes, detoxification protocols, 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, flower essences, homeopathic remedies, herbs and botanicals, functional medicine protocols, metabolic testing, color therapy, light therapy, sound therapy, tuning forks, crystal bowls, pendulums and more. Dr. Sauter also offers naturopathic and nutritional consultations, long-distance healing sessions, dowsing services and informational medicine services.
3-in-1 Diffuser and Humidifier by Aroma Genie 416-924-8180
The Aroma Genie is an amazing health product that can be used in your healing centre, wellness clinic, home or business office, or home. With colds, flus, asthma, bronchitis and chronic lung conditions, the Aroma Genie is a very helpful and affordable tool. Negative ions are amazing since they are opposite to free radicals and also they help to dissolve the bacteria that attaches to dust in the air. You can also add your own favorite essential oil to create a beautiful aroma/scent.
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