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Art-Spiritual and Therapeutic Products

Your search for Products specializing in Art-Spiritual and Therapeutic resulted in:

Shaman Crafts- Native American Indian Crafts and Jewelry 605-858-1931
Shaman Crafts was created by Rev. Elena Skyhawk who is an Ordained Minister, Shaman Teacher and Healer. Her Native American Indian Crafts and Jewelry are unique. Items available include: Natural Dreamcatchers, Medicine or Spirit Bags, Chokers, Ceremonial and Smudge Fans, Lariats, Headdress Earrings, Bone and Gemstone Necklaces, Rattles, Talking Sticks, Shaman Staffs and more. Rev. Elena Skyhawk blesses all products when finished and the blessing goes with the product when sold.
Pendulums by Creative Life Sciences 800-813-5888
Each one of our limited edition pendulums is handmade. The actual pendulum itself is created using specific color(s) and swirl(s) of hand-blown dichroic-style glass, reflecting a connection with the ethereal energy that was observed during meditations to obtain these designs from the ether. In addition, each pendulum will be “tuned” to the frequency of the purchaser, or the person they will be gifting it to, which enhances it to become an energetic instrument for that person.
Aloha Healthy Products and Awakening-Healing 727-842-6788
Through Enlightening Astrological Readings, Reports, Maps and Charts we see our gifts, career, Relationships, life paths, dilemmas and opportunities. We also offer the best in Air and Water Purification and Ionization devices utilizing the latest nano technologies for your wellness. provides the highest quality essential oils, crystal singing bowls, miracle Krystal salts, natural body care, medicinal plants, herbs and supplements for Detox, Herpes and optimum Health.
Heaven & Earth LLC, minerals, jewelry and gems 800-942-9423 or 802-476-4775
Your source for Metaphysical Jewelry, Books, Crystals & Minerals for over 25 years. All your favorite minerals plus the rare & unusual. Also, gemstone jewelry in Sterling Silver & 14K Gold. We have thousands of items in our FREE Color Catalog! and MANY More on our website New products, weekly online specials and YouTube video links. Check back often. Email or call 800-942-9423 to receive a catalog.
My Spa Shop 877-697-7274
Welcome to our online community, where you can interact with specialists and learn about new products for home beauty & spa, holistic acupressure and massage, home fitness, health and transformative well-being. Take a Virtual Spa Journey that is informative, engaging advisors in an online community who have combed the world to find extraordinary products. Shop in our gallery of distinctive spa gifts and beautiful home decor, arts & crafts handpicked from globally sourced artisans.
Karma Leela Buddhist Cards & Fine Art Prints 970-871-1866
It is with great joy that we offer to you our unique collection of over 300 highest quality Buddhist cards, altar cards, and fine art and giclée prints. Each one is lovingly created to express the heart and wisdom of the Buddhist path. Our on-line store is dedicated to Ohana Maitreya, an independent non-profit organization that gives 100% of net proceeds from purchase to empowering Tibetan Buddhist Nuns.
Gostanza Visionary Surrealist Art 303-596-6929
Teresa Gostanza is a Spanish surrealist artist, whose inspirational visionary art is at once timeless and yet timely in its portrayal of spiritual evolution. Through her artwork, she shares her wisdom as her works reach out to those who wish to seek hidden truths or mysteries that are hidden deep within themselves. After becoming a hypnotherapist, Reiki teacher, and healer, she has come full circle and is deeply attuned to earth and the evolutionary process humanity is going through.
My Crystal Companion 732-458-8700
The hardest thing you'll ever face is the loss of a loved one. In time of deep sorrow, you need a way to honor the life of your loved one in a way to establish an eternal connection. Our cremation keepsakes will memorialize the life you love. With My Crystal Companion keepsake jewelry, it is possible for you to remember and celebrate the bond you shared that was so precious. You are hurting. Creating a memorial keepsake can help soothe your pain in a beautiful way.
Baronet 4 Tibet- Art, Furniture & Antiques from the Monasteries and Monks
Tibetan Buddhist art, furniture, and antiques from the monasteries of the Ser Shong (Golden Valley). The monks have granted Baronet 4 Tibet exclusive worldwide distribution of their items. All their creations presented here are certified as authentic and come with a Certificate of Authentication, brush-signed by the monk who created the piece or, in some cases (due to the age of the item), by a monk who has definite knowledge that the piece was created at the Sange Monasteries.
IBEM Professional Equipment and Charts 214-505-6440
For the Natural Medicine Professional- IBEM has Auriculomedicine Reflex Charts and equipment. Our charts show the stages, yin-yang points, accurate reflex points and zones on somatotopic maps. Beautiful as art and functional. IBEM sells both used and new equipment. Currently we have new Bio-Tron 100s, 1 used Bio-Meridian Machine, 1 used Dark Field Microscope, 1 Pointoselect. All are in excellent condition. IBEM is the distributor for Bio-Tron. Training is available through IBEM.
Crystal Vibrations Shop 760-471-7304
Elivia Melodey's Crystal Vibrations Shop offers alternative healing music and sound healing products. Her unique store offers products such as Crystal Singing Bowls, Harmonic Instruments, Act of Power Wands, music, books, art and more.
Julia Stubbe- Art for Healing and Mediation 610-513-7366
Julia’s artwork reflects many forms of beauty, in nature, the animal kingdom, and even extends into the healing aspects of the body. Some of her pictures are connected to individual chakras, chakras being part of the body’s energetic system. Julia creates from a space of pure heart. In her words, “The frequency of Love is in all that I create.” By giving yourself the gift of one of Julia’s paintings, you are healing, nurturing, and honoring your entire being: body, mind and spirit.
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