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EMF Products

Your search for Products specializing in EMF Protection resulted in:

The Salt Lamp Store 303-476-1714
Harness the proven therapeutic powers of mineral-rich Himalayan salt crystals. Salt therapy helps us breathe well and is therapeutic. The gentle heat of the lamp helps release healthy negative ions into the air. These beautiful Natural Salt Lamps come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, each emitting a warm glow that will add to the beauty and surroundings of any room in your home or office. Our lamps come with dimmer cords so you can use them to change the ambiance in your room as well.
The Rejuvenizer by Light Healing 800-935-0128 or 512-301-2999
Created by Dr. Phyllis Light, the Rejuvenizer helps protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields—from computers, cell phones, satellites, microwaves, TV and radio frequencies, and other electronic frequencies. It helps combat fatigue, headaches, and eyestrain, while also repairing damages to your energy field from drugs, surgical procedures, or other people's negativity directed at you. It also helps clear many viruses and bacteria that cause the flu and other illnesses.
Fred Van Liew's Water & Air Essentials 800-964-4303
Trust the choice of healthcare professionals - Fred Van Liew “the water doctor” since 1987 and We offer one stop shopping for all your foundational health support, with a wide variety of products including water purification, air purification, EMF protection, nutritional products and more. Fred Van Liew's Water & Air Essentials offers the best protection and the best value in today's polluted environment, along with 6-month money back guarantee.
Quantum-Healing Cold Laser Therapy product specialist 808-870-0348
Specializing in Laser Therapy & Light Therapy equipment for professional & personal applications. We have over 25 cold laser therapy & light therapy products for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, acute & chronic pain/injuries, weight control, smoking & cosmetic phototherapy. Light therapy treats the cause & the symptoms. Now with our FDA cleared lasers you can support complimentary & self-healing on a cellular level. Also specialists in Air & Water Purification.
BioElectric Shield 541-201-8878
Protect Yourself with the most powerful EMF Protection Pendant on the planet. Earth Resonance Technology (ERT) deflects unhealthy energy from cellphones, WiFi and other technology as well as other people’s stress and negativity. Strengthens and balances your entire energy field; improves focus, performance, confidence and energy. Guaranteed. Check out our new Pet products and new Jewelry items. 10% off with Code Alternative10 .
The Way To Balance 978-834-0341
We manufacture a vast product line that targets a variety of health conditions, and promotes intuitive enhancement and personal growth. Products include emotional healing and chakra balancing aromatherapies and meditation tools, EMF protection and bodycare products, programmed crystals and jewelry, sound and music therapies, metaphysical and quantum healing tools, bath and body oils, meditation and self-healing CDs, nutritional supplements, and much more.
Wave Shield Cellular Protection 561-989-9147
The Wave Shield is the only product of it’s type sold in the USA to pass the scrutiny of the FTC. The Wave Shield blocks up to 97% of radiation from entering the ear without affecting reception. All cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation. Visit to view over 160 studies on cell phone dangers under “World News”. Protect yourself and your family. Business opportunities also available. Visit us at
Center for Natural Healing 828-862-8806
CNH uses principles of BioEnergetic Medicine to help its client's attain their health care goals naturally. Run by my husband, Kevin Richard and myself, Sierra Lamanna, we have been in business for 15+ years. We use a wide variety of products to provide customized health care programs; homeopathics, vibrational remedies, flower essences, and professional quality herbs & supplements, etc. With the intuitive skills of Sierra, your program can be done in the comfort of your own home.
ZeroPoint™ Independent Consultant 610-513-7366
Restore Your Body’s Natural Balance. The ZeroPoint™ System encompasses our flagship line of wellness enhancing products that, when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, will totally transform your health and wellbeing. Products providing natural wellness solutions for your family and pets, EMF protection, laser products, healing music and jewelry, and stress relief products. Business Opportunities available too.
VibesUP – Vibrational Energy Products 530-677-1248
Explore over 100 life changing ‘Nature’s miracle’ tools. Crystals, gemstones, and frequency oils all have their own Vibrational energy frequency. Vibes UP has combined essential plant oils (frequency oils) with gemstones and crystals. Vibrational therapies from nature. Vibrational Energy- The final frontier in Fun, Simple and ‘Scientifically Magical’ Life Solutions for …EMF- Pets- Athletes- G’mas- Bugs- Kids- Stress- Skin- Purpose Jewelry- Water- Ouches- Sleep & much more.

EMF Protection Products- provide protection from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields

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