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Health and Wellness Classes and Workshops

See below for the Health and Wellness Classes and Workshops for the state of Minnesota. Also, if you are unable to find what you are looking for, please see the webinars and seminars that are also available.

Alenov Wellness Center Offers Classes
Woodbury, MN

Topics include natural ways to detoxify the body, nutritional deficiency, environmental chemicals, electromagnetic pollution, food sensitivities and more. Dr. Alenov is also available for on-site company seminars and health talks on general health and wellness, how to prevent conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and neck, shoulder and low back pain and other topics by request.
Day-Break Geriatric Massage Institute Courses And Certifications
available throughout USA and Canada by request

Level 1 Workshop, offering 17 CE’s for Massage Therapists and qualifies for the Level 1 Certificate in Geriatric Massage. Level 2 Advanced Workshop, offering 17 CE’s for Massage Therapists and qualifies for the Level 2 Certificate in our Geriatric Massage Training Program. Check website or call 317-722-9896 for schedule and details. Open to MTs, RNs, PTs, etc.
Learn Healing Touch

HTP offers energy-based therapy classes in which students use a variety of hands-on techniques that facilitate energy balance for wholeness within the individual supporting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Students learn to use their hands with light or near-body touch to help clear, balance and energize the human energy system and promoting healing.
A.R.E. Conferences

Extraordinary programs, inspiring speakers--come experience the wisdom and wonder of an Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. conference! Whether at our Virginia Beach Headquarters or a city near you, soul growth, mindful living, past lives, health and wellness, psychic development, life after death, ancient mysteries, and much more await. Visit us at, or call 888-273-0020.
The Energy Scale® Seminars By Creative Life Sciences
Training available worldwide

Seminars and classes that allow each individual to arrive at the zenith of his or her ability in the intuitive and energy balancing arts, and want to enhance their specific skills, gifts, and talents. Topics include energy protective devices, understanding the aura, clairvoyance and intuitive tools. Check website for details or call to schedule a training in your area.
The 3-Divine Protocol
available throughout the USA

The 3-Divine Protocol stands for Frequencies, Minerals, and Parasite Identification and Elimination. Join Jay Gutierrez and learn about Radiation Hormesis. Low-dose radiation has been shown to enhance biological responses for immune systems, enzymatic repair, physiological functions, and the removal of cellular damage, including prevention and removal of cancers, fungus and other diseases.
Integral Breathwork Seminars - Transformational Breathing
available throughout the US & Canada

Seminars with Denis Ouellette, Optimal Breathing® Specialist. Assess and improve your current breathing patterns, learn the importance of optimizing your breathing and take-home exercises. Enjoy a one-hour, Breathwork session that fully oxygenates and detoxifies your body and leaves you feeling energized-even transformed. Approved Provider (NCBTMB) for up to 12 CE hours.
The Balanced Horse Workshops
available by request in USA and Canada

As a National Level Trainer Patricia’s horsemanship gravitated to physics and concepts of energy. Natural training strategies transform weaknesses into strength. This changes behaviors, flexibility, hoof growth, and recovery from injuries. Workshops designed to raise our level of knowledge about developing a partnership with the horse. Be prepared to spiritually plug into your horse.
Dr. Christina Chambreau Offers Seminars On Animal Health
available by request in USA and Canada

Dr. Chambreau offers seminars nationwide by request. Topics include: Holistic Health for Animals-how to help your animal live longer and healthier; Health for You, Your Pets, and Your Planet-learn the 5 keys to better health and long life; Homeopathy for Animals-beginning, intermediate and advanced homeopathy classes for veterinarians and the public. Check website for details.
Classes And Events At Bellaluna Boutique
Minnetonka, MN

Ongoing classes and events at the store. Check website or ask in the store for calendar and details.
Transformative Workshops With Kathryn Power-O'Brien
Minneapolis, MN

Transformational therapeutic workshops/salons: Themes: Hospicing life as journey toward perfection while midwifing life as journey toward wholeness. Focus topics: emotional healing/resilience, cognitive brain food for the soul, developing an ecological self, embracing the "roots of justice" that are in our bodies.
ThetaHealing Practitioner Certification Training
available nationwide by request

Dawn Maree is one of the first 150 ThetaHealing Certificate of Science, Master Instructors worldwide (the highest designation in ThetaHealing). Dawn teaches all 13 classes and is available to travel to your area, or Country to teach your group.
Ministry Of Consciousness & Snake Clan Shamanism Classes
available nationwide by request

Bridgette specializes in Shamanism formats, structures and practices utilizing Fire Medicine, Snake Medicine, Dreaming and Transmutation. She offers Shamanism Healing, medicine and studies. Providing in person and long distance healing, medicine for people, animals, land, business, home, consulting, coaching, workshops, speaking, lecturing, webinars and by Skype sessions. Call her at 775-624-7862
Consciousness Of Economics & Urban Farm Project
available nationwide by request

Topics include: energy and structural medicine, diet, nutrition, restoration and re-programming, biodynamic & urban farming, sustainability, intentional creation, restoration and re-programming, business and personal development. In person or long distance for people, animals, land, business, home, through consulting, workshops, webinars, speaking, lecturing and by Skype. Call her at 775-624-7862
ThetaHealing Certified Practitioner Training
available worldwide by request

Linda Reichert is a Master ThetaHealing Instructor and Practitioner. Spiritual, physical, emotional wellbeing. Linda is available to travel to your area or country to teach practitioner courses to your group. Linda does her theta sessions over the phone or skype worldwide and see's clients in person in Santa Barbara CA. "ThetaHealing is an attainable miracle for your life".

Health and Wellness Classes and Workshops. This section provides information on seminars, workshops and classes being offered by the alternative medicine practitioners who are currently listed with us. This is a great opportunity to learn new techniques and holistic therapies. Workshops are continuously being added to this section so please visit us in the near future for the latest updates.

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