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3-in-1 Diffuser and Humidifier by Aroma Genie
The Aroma Genie is an amazing health product that can be used in your healing centre, wellness clinic, home or business office, or home. With colds, flus, asthma, bronchitis and chronic lung conditions, the Aroma Genie is a very helpful and affordable tool. Negative ions are amazing since they are opposite to free radicals and also they help to dissolve the bacteria that attaches to dust in the air. You can also add your own favorite essential oil to create a beautiful aroma/scent.
Acutonics  by Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine
Quality, accuracy, extensive research and education are at the heart of all of our products see, feel, and hear the difference. Our precision calibrated Planetary Tuning Forks are manufactured in the US of space grade metal, and color-coded for ease of use. Developed for clinical applications with a long sustain. Integrate sound and light therapy with high quality gems that attach to specially designed tuning forks. Planetary essential oils, gongs, and hand chimes, are also available.
Acutonics for Dogs & Cats, Sound Healing for Animal Health
Proven techniques that support the well-being and overall health of dogs and cats are provided in this easy to follow illustrated guide that demonstrates the unique energy balancing system known as Acutonics. Rooted in Oriental Medicine and sound healing principles, Acutonics incorporates the use of tuning forks to apply specific musical intervals on or above acupuncture points, and chakras.
Aloha Healthy Products and Awakening Healing
Through Enlightening Astrological Readings, Reports, Maps and Charts we see our gifts, career, Relationships, life paths, dilemmas and opportunities. We also offer the best in Air and Water Purification and Ionization devices utilizing the latest nano technologies for your wellness. provides the highest quality essential oils, crystal singing bowls, miracle Krystal salts, natural body care, medicinal plants, herbs and supplements for Detox, Herpes and optimum Health.
Alternative Wellness Center Online Store
877-620-WELL (9355)
Our high quality health supplements provide you with natural alternatives to prescription drugs. We also carry a range of products to assist in pain reduction, detoxification, reduce inflammation and recovery time, improve liver, kidney and colon function, increase blood circulation, reduce stress and fatigue, boost the immune system, improve sleeping patterns, and more. Some items are hard-to-find and not available in stores. Our products are clinically tested and medically proven.
Amazon Discovery Herb Powders
Quality herb, fruit, vegetable and marine powder and powder extracts sold by the kilo reasonable prices for all nutritional needs use the products as is or in combination for end product formulation. Food grade Certificate Of Analysis (COA), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Allergen GMO document provide with every product order. Minimum quantity to purchase one kilo any product ordered over twenty five kilos is quoted and checked for availability.
American Nutriceuticals
American Nutriceuticals offers high quality, physician grade, unique & fast acting natural supplements to assist in enhancing the body's ability to achieve optimal health. We go above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer service and product education. Our focus is on detoxification, immune support and aiding those with systemic issues. The Vitality high dose Vitamin C product without stomach upset is an example that is unmatched in the industry.
Animal Lovers Pet Shop
We provide an extensive assortment of organic, natural and holistic foods for birds, dogs, and cats. For our reptile customers we carry live food of all kinds. We also carry a wide range of accessories. Here at Animal Lovers Pet Shop, we offer you personalized service provided by our highly knowledgeable staff members. Give us a call if you have any questions and shop online from our convenient website store.
Aroma Sensations
Aroma Sensations is very proud to introduce you to our aromatic essential oils in a revolutionary format for inhalation. Our 100% natural products utilize the therapeutic and medicinal properties of essential oils. We carry essential oils for snoring, migraines, insomnia, stress and more. Try our Muscle Mist herbal pain relief spray for arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, sciatica and many other conditions. New beautiful aromatherapy lockets and necklaces available too.
We stock and sell over 170 single-note essential oils at impressive discounts. Each of these oils is properly distilled, 100% pure and sold at full strength. We also carry 100% pure essential oil blends, aromatherapy supplies, diffusers and healthy lifestyle products. Many products are exclusive to AromaTherapeutix and available only from us. Please remember to request a free print catalog and aromatherapy guide from our website or call 800-308-6284.
Aromatics International
In order for essential oils to be considered therapeutic quality we believe they must be pure plant extracts. We test our oils! Customers can access the GC/MS report for every essential oil on The farmers we work with farm without the use of chemicals. Many of the distillers we work with worldwide live in remote, rural communities. We offer essential oils, resins, carrier oils, diffusers, bottles, inhalers and more. Wholesale pricing available.
Aura Soma Color Care System
We specialize in the Aura-Soma Color-Care System and the AEOS Skincare System. Aura-Soma is a non-intrusive, self-selective system of color therapy for the soul, placing the responsibility for well-being with the one who chooses. Its a tool with which to explore your consciousness and to grow along your path of self-discovery. You are the colors you choose and these reflect your beings needs. A snapshot of the souls journey. We also make customized crystal pendants for people and pets.
B-Proactive Transformational Wellness Product
Our Supplements are infused with energy frequencies that help support optimal health. The body is a self-healing mechanism, and ones ability to heal is dependent upon cellular health. Our Mi-Laser helps clear food, water and the human energy field of toxic debris. B-Proactiv offers transformational wellness products backed by a great business opportunity. If youre looking for ways to achieve financial freedom while helping others, B-Proactiv could be the business for you.
Back on Track FAR Infrared Ray Therapy Products
Back On Track pain management braces are crafted in Sweden from a revolutionary fabric with ceramic powder, that is based on FAR infrared ray therapies to reduce pain and swelling, as well as stimulate the healing process. These pain relief garments, muscle and joint braces reduce inflammation and increase circulation, providing pain relief for sufferers of arthritis, diabetes, lower back pain, sports injuries, joint pain and more. We also have leg wraps and blankets for horses and dogs.
Baronet 4 Tibet- Art, Furniture & Antiques from the Monasteries and Monks
Tibetan Buddhist art, furniture, and antiques from the monasteries of the Ser Shong (Golden Valley). The monks have granted Baronet 4 Tibet exclusive worldwide distribution of their items. All their creations presented here are certified as authentic and come with a Certificate of Authentication, brush-signed by the monk who created the piece or, in some cases (due to the age of the item), by a monk who has definite knowledge that the piece was created at the Sange Monasteries.
BioElectric Shield
Protect Yourself with the most powerful EMF Protection Pendant on the planet. Earth Resonance Technology (ERT) deflects unhealthy energy from cellphones, WiFi and other technology as well as other peoples stress and negativity. Strengthens and balances your entire energy field; improves focus, performance, confidence and energy. Guaranteed. Check out our new Pet products and new Jewelry items. 10% off with Code Alternative10 .
Callanish Healing – Standing Stones Essence
Provides a profound sense of deep comfort, inner peace, and a healing reconnection to self, community and the vast world of spirit. It supports individuals, including healers, esssence practitioners, spiritual leaders, and change agents to be more firmly grounded and in relationship with their authentic self. It provides access to new levels of creativity in problem solving and the experience of finding surprising connections in the world.
Center for Natural Healing
CNH uses principles of BioEnergetic Medicine to help its client's attain their health care goals naturally. Run by my husband, Kevin Richard and myself, Sierra Lamanna, we have been in business for 15+ years. We use a wide variety of products to provide customized health care programs; homeopathics, vibrational remedies, flower essences, and professional quality herbs & supplements, etc. With the intuitive skills of Sierra, your program can be done in the comfort of your own home.
Crystal Vibrations Shop
Elivia Melodeys Crystal Vibrations Shop offers alternative healing music and sound healing products. Her unique store offers products such as Crystal Singing Bowls, Harmonic Instruments, Act of Power Wands, music, books, art and more.
Dr. J’s Healthy Body Healthy Mind Healthy Income
800-715-3053 or 213-489-1712
We offer the most cost-effective Chinese herbal products for Detox (Yeast-Para Control & Cleansing-Balance Tea), Hormonal Balance (Male or Female Vitality), and Weight Control (Herbal Cocktail, Fitness Regular & Fitness Plus). Our private-brand formulas have 18 years of track record and counting. Also try our online workshop with three modules -- Module 1: Healthy Body Intensive, Module 2: Healthy Mind Intensive, and Module 3: Healthy Income Intensive. Consultations also available via Skype.
Dr. Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chairs
Enhance Your Therapeutic Results at Home or in your Clinic, Wellness Spa, or Fitness Gym. The Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chairs are the State of the Art sound chairs on the market today. They use specially designed low frequency solid steel transducers, which act like electronic tuning forks to resonate your body to what you are playing through the sound chair. Dr. Thompsons CDs are made for stress-reduction, healing, growth, personal transformation, peak performance, etc.
Your health is a top priority at so we sell only chemical free and natural supplements and health & beauty products Made in America. prides itself on reliable customer service and same day shipping. From vitamins and natural remedies to chemical free shampoo and cleaning products. Shop by condition or shop by brand. Simple Reliable, Natural. Free Shipping on ALL Orders.
EcuadorianHands Palo Santo Essential Oils and Incense
593 5 2627411
Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) 100% pure Essential Oils and Incense. We're artisan distillers and only process wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forest. Elaborated without harming the Palo Santo wood tree. Palo Santo is very useful for relaxing the mind and body as well as purifying the bad energies off your environment. Wholesale and Retail orders available. Product of Ecuador.
EcuadorianHands Tagua Nut Beads
593 5 2627411
Tagua Beads are made sustainably from the nuts of South American palm trees. Tagua nut beads are also known as eco ivory, vegetable ivory, exotic ivory. They're eco-friendly. We are manufacturers and ship worldwide. Choose from generous selections of our tagua beads stock: pearls, nuts, seed beads bugle, slices and more. They are lightweight and colorful. Wholesale and Retail orders available. Product of Ecuador.
Electro Medical WellnessPro Plus Pack
WellnessPro is the #1 choice of health care professionals worldwide. FDA cleared and for pain relief associated with a myriad of health issues. New "Deep Pulse" technology for deeper frequency delivery to problem areas. Select from 1 million frequencies and any combination of the five wave types such as Burst, Spectrum, Sweep, Duplex or Continuous. Create your own auto code programs. Note: The requirements to purchase the WellnessPro are a medical license or an Rx from your physician.
Elemental Medicine  Air, Water, Fire, Earth
Handcrafted in Shamanic practices this Medicine brings into balance all living life forces. Each Medicine is prayed over during the combining of Natural World Materials. These Medicines may include: sage, tobacco, ash from sacred fires, blessed water, corn meal, pollens, animal hair, feathers, herbs, tree and plant parts. We send all over the USA and each Medicine is unique to each home, office, land, farm, body of water to aid in restoring the balance of all living energies. Once received you will find directions on carrying out final process of the Medicine.
Elizabeth Van Buren Essential Oil Therapy
The power of the Elizabeth Van Buren's vision is grounded in GC/MS analyzed therapeutic grade essential oils and botanical healing products that bring holistic health and aromatic balance to a world just awakening to the need for preventative medicine. We offer over 70 different therapeutic grade essential oils from around the world and more than 20 therapeutic blends both for retail and wholesale customers. We also carry massage oils, carrier oils, hydrosols, skin care products and more.
Essential Essence
The Institute of Chiropractic & Acupuncture Therapy provides a private line of essential oils, under the label Essential Essence, that are available for retail and also wholesale at discounted prices. The oils are extremely high quality. And because they are not sold through network marketing, discounts are available for physicians and therapists who purchase large volumes for resale in their practices. Oils not found on the price list may be available upon request.
Estrella Natural Dental Care
Made with gentle, yet powerfully effective natural herbs and essential oils, all natural Estrella Toothpaste and Estrella Oral Rinse brightens your smile, purifies and stimulates without irritating and damaging your mouth, and leaves your breath sweet and fresh- Naturally! The stimulating, concentrated herbal formulas and essential oils are intensely refreshing, effective, and powerful! Estrella leaves your mouth feeling amazingly clean, for up to six full hours after each use.
Eternal Ice
Welcome to Eternal Ice. We offer an extensive line of crystals, gems, stones, geodes, necklaces, and points. All of our items, from Tarot cards to music have a crystal theme. The innate powers of healing crystals can help heal physical, mental, & emotional problems. We offer the finest quality gemstones and crystals for sale that can be found anywhere, and at the best prices.
Flora Medica (founded 1992) by author, holistic nurse and clinical aromatherapist, Valerie Cooksley, brings you the highest quality essential oils and specialty carrier oils produced from around the world. Our commitment is to offer you safe and effective options for creating a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, through competitively priced, 100% pure, genuine and authentic essential oils for personal and professional use.
Flower Essence Services
For nearly three decades Flower Essence Services has earned a reputation for professional quality and service. Our FES Quintessentials flower essences are verified by extensive clinical feedback from health practitioners world-wide. We also offer the Healing Herb brand of Bach essences, Flourish formulas, Terra Flora essential oils and Seasons of the Soul herbal body care oils. Our flower essences and body oils are certified Biodynamic, with organic and wild-harvested ingredients.
Focus  Energetic System
Introducing the Focus Energetic System, the newest in energetic footbath technology. Cleanse and invigorate your body at the cellular level while enjoying a refreshing mineral bath. Exclusively by Health & Energy Alternatives.
Fountain of Health
Fountain of Health will be introducing new and unique products that will benefit your life. We will feature all natural topical and nutritional products using natural oils and plant based extracts. Fountain of Health will offer the highest quality health, body, skin care and beauty enhancing products available anywhere at reasonable prices.
Frequency Rising
This site features alternative medicine and holistic health products for home use. Including Water Filters, water makers including Kangen and Vitalizer Plus, Rife Machines, Dr. Hulda Clark Colon and Body Cleansing, Zappers, Ozone, The Rebuilder, Vita-Mix Juicer, Ionic Silver, ASEA, Magnet Therapy, Nutritional Supplements including VIBE, Mangosteen, Noni, Acai, Goji, Glutathione, and more. Alternative cancer treatments and more. Free consultations.
Full Spectrum Energy Medicine Products
We offer vitamin & mineral supplements, digestive enzymes, detoxification protocols, 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, flower essences, homeopathic remedies, herbs and botanicals, functional medicine protocols, metabolic testing, color therapy, light therapy, sound therapy, tuning forks, crystal bowls, pendulums and more. Dr. Sauter also offers naturopathic and nutritional consultations, long-distance healing sessions, dowsing services and informational medicine services.
GOOy CHEWy  Allergy Relief
Still Got Allergies? Stop Masking Symptoms with Endless Pharma. Naturally Push Allergy Symptoms into Remission. Try GOOy CHEWy Relief. Build Internal Tolerance to Major Aero-Enviro Allergy Sources (Cat, Dog, 2 Dust Mite, 2 Grass, 3 Tree, Ragweed Pollens, 3 Molds & Cockroach) Plus Prebiotic & Probiotics. All via a 100% Natural, Honey Treat! AND...for your Itchy Allergy Dog try
Gostanza Visionary Surrealist Art
Teresa Gostanza is a Spanish surrealist artist, whose inspirational visionary art is at once timeless and yet timely in its portrayal of spiritual evolution. Through her artwork, she shares her wisdom as her works reach out to those who wish to seek hidden truths or mysteries that are hidden deep within themselves. After becoming a hypnotherapist, Reiki teacher, and healer, she has come full circle and is deeply attuned to earth and the evolutionary process humanity is going through.
Gudi’s Aromatherapy European essential oil blends
Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years to heal the body, mind, and emotions. Here at Gudis Aromatherapy the focus is on oil blends created with a specific intent a unique therapeutic experience of treating the whole body, emotional well-being, and strengthening the immune system. We offer aromatherapy products for Labor and Delivery (childbirth), natural first aid remedies, home diffusers, perfumes, body and bath products and gift baskets. Available for group events.
Healing Sounds Tuning Forks and Tibetan Tools
Visit Sound Healing Pioneer, Jonathan Goldman's, exciting new website for all his latest sonic tools available in his online store. Many types of Tuning Forks available, Tibetan bowls and Tingshas. CDs, Books and MP3s available too.
Heaven & Earth LLC,  minerals, jewelry and gems
800-942-9423 or 802-476-4775
Your source for Metaphysical Jewelry, Books, Crystals & Minerals for over 25 years. All your favorite minerals plus the rare & unusual. Also, gemstone jewelry in Sterling Silver & 14K Gold. We have thousands of items in our FREE Color Catalog! and MANY More on our website New products, weekly online specials and YouTube video links. Check back often. Email or call 800-942-9423 to receive a catalog.
Het-Heru’s Chamber
From the Land of Pharaohs and Queens renowned for their spiritual teachings and beauty practices, Het-Heru's Chamber offers 'scentilizing' Sacred Oils, all natural Soaps, Oasis Body Butters and Oasis Body Oils for 'thirsty' skin that are reminiscent of being inside an ancient Egyptian chamber. Het-Heru's Chamber consists of essential oil products with a 'spiritual intent'. Experience the scents beyond the scenes. Sacred oils for Love, Prosperity, Chakra Balancing and more.
At, we are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle on a green planet. Discover our smart natural homeopathic remedies relieving allergies, sinus infection, headaches, toxicity, stress and anxiety, high blood pressure, muscle and joint pain, and more. Homeopathic remedies bring your body into optimal balance, strengthen your immune system, and help you build a healthier you. Take care of your health naturally with
IBEM Professional Equipment and Charts
For the Natural Medicine Professional- IBEM has Auriculomedicine Reflex Charts and equipment. Our charts show the stages, yin-yang points, accurate reflex points and zones on somatotopic maps. Beautiful as art and functional. IBEM sells both used and new equipment. Currently we have new Bio-Tron 100s, 1 used Bio-Meridian Machine, 1 used Dark Field Microscope, 1 Pointoselect. All are in excellent condition. IBEM is the distributor for Bio-Tron. Training is available through IBEM.
Julia Rose Botanicals
Julia Rose Botanicals specializes in premium grade, organic medical use essential oils, floral waters, carrier oils, electro-mechanical diffusers and a variety of other items to meet the needs of the professional and end-user alike. We also offer special blends of essential oils to meet specific needs. Julia Rose Botanicals is now celebrating its fourth year of offering quality products and excellent service.
Julia Stubbe – Art for Healing and Mediation
Julia's artwork reflects many forms of beauty, in nature, the animal kingdom, and even extends into the healing aspects of the body. Some of her pictures are connected to individual chakras, 'chakras being part of the body's energetic system. Julia creates from a space of pure heart. In her words, The frequency of Love is in all that I create. By giving yourself the gift of one of Julia's paintings, you are healing, nurturing, and honoring your entire being: body, mind and spirit.
K6 Skin Care — be natural. be beautiful. be well
Developed by a Traditional Naturopath, K6 skin care combines natural and organic ingredients in a safe and super effective skin care line to give you healthy, vibrant and youthful skin at every age. Organic - Clean - Green. 100% Vegan. Safe and effective for all skin types. No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Dyes, No Synthetic Fragrances.
Kangen Water by Enagic
Hexagonal Water - scientists describe as perfect water just how nature intended and most complimentary to the body. Consumed in Japan for over 40 years! Pentagonal Water - the Japanese refer to this water as dead water....also known as distilled, reverse osmosis, bottled and tap waters, devoid of essential minerals and contaminated. Experience the miraculous properties of hexagonal water produced in your home. Powerful Antioxidant, Alkaline and Molecularly Perfect. Free DVD Available.
Karma Leela Buddhist Cards & Fine Art Prints
It is with great joy that we offer to you our unique collection of over 300 highest quality Buddhist cards, altar cards, and fine art and gicl??e prints. Each one is lovingly created to express the heart and wisdom of the Buddhist path. Our on-line store is dedicated to Ohana Maitreya, an independent non-profit organization that gives 100% of net proceeds from purchase to empowering Tibetan Buddhist Nuns.
L.I.F.E. System
An evoked potential noninvasive stress management technology. The bodys own electromagnetic field is stimulated through immediate feedback to assess and harmonize toxic factors such as allergens, chemical agents, genetic predisposition, heavy metals, parasites, pathogens, etcetera, thereby restoring balance and promoting health. It can be used to help animals as well.
LEBA III Herbal Dental Products for Dogs and Cats
LEBA III balances the chemistry of the mouth keeping the teeth clean and healthy for the entire life of your pet, without side effects. The key to a long healthy life is balance. Products that kill the bacteria have an antibiotic action, damaging the environment of the mouth. The safety and efficacy of LEBA III was proven by a renowned university and has been used by veterinarians since 1994.
Medicine Bundles by Ministry Of Consciousness
Medicine bundles are usually employed as a ritual aid in Shamanism. They might include seeds, pine conifer cones, grass, animal teeth or claws, hair, rocks, tobacco, beads, herbs, bones, symbols & items having spiritual value. Designed individually for the specific need of the person or situation: protection, energy grid changes, health, healing, prosperity, death of person or animal.
My Crystal Companion
The hardest thing you'll ever face is the loss of a loved one. In time of deep sorrow, you need a way to honor the life of your loved one in a way to establish an eternal connection. Our cremation keepsakes will memorialize the life you love. With My Crystal Companion keepsake jewelry, it is possible for you to remember and celebrate the bond you shared that was so precious. You are hurting. Creating a memorial keepsake can help soothe your pain in a beautiful way.
My Spa Shop
Welcome to our online community, where you can interact with specialists and learn about new products for home beauty & spa, holistic acupressure and massage, home fitness, health and transformative well-being. Take a Virtual Spa Journey that is informative, engaging advisors in an online community who have combed the world to find extraordinary products. Shop in our gallery of distinctive spa gifts and beautiful home decor, arts & crafts handpicked from globally sourced artisans.
Natural Action Technology Water Units
Structured Water Units. Affordable units taking us back to source. Creating structured water with lower surface tension, better hydrating properties, eliminated negative energy patterns, improved self-healing. NO chemicals, NO filters, NO salts, NO electricity, and NO metal alloys. Perfect Structure getting us back to a perfect world. Benefits include: lifetime warranty (no moving parts to fix or replace), easy installation, and economical to use.
Nature First Natural and Herbal Remedies
Natural Remedies and Herbal Remedies Store. At Nature First Center, we take a holistic approach in restoring and maintaining health. We use natural remedies to activate the body's natural healing power. We educate individuals about healthy living styles. Visit our online store and shop at your convenience.
Nature’s Brands- Natural Health & Organic Skin Care
7 natural brands to help you look beautiful, feel younger, and be healthier. Nature's Brands distributes a range of quality natural herbal remedies and beauty skin care products including natural vitamins, green foods, body PH supplements, health remedies, wellness formulas, organic skin care products and natural makeup. Avoid Potentially Dangerous Chemicals and Additives by using our all natural products. Free shipping for orders over $50 (after discount) in the continental USA.
If you have vibrant skin and want to retain that youthful, healthy glow for life, or wish you looked ten years younger so your outward appearance matched your inner youth, NeriumAD products have you covered! The NeriumAD product line truly defies age when used consistently over time So much so that real NeriumAD customers who have used our products long-term actually appear to look ten years younger! Check out the before and after images.
NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment
Dramatically reduce the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Uneven Skin Texture, Enlarged Pores, Aging or Sun-Damaged Skin. Finally, a product that provides the satisfaction of real results with the confidence of real science. NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is a night cream developed from the patent-pending extract of the Nerium oleander plant. NeriumAD contains the most effective age-defying ingredients, chosen for both their individual and synergistic benefits.
Night Hawk Minerals Radiation Hormesis
Radiation Hormesis therapy stones. Low-dose radiation has been shown to enhance biological responses for immune systems, enzymatic repair, physiological functions, and the removal of cellular damage, including prevention and removal of cancers, fungus and other diseases. This semi-precious gemstone's healing abilities have been documented. These stones are extremely rare and are only available through Night Hawk.
One World Whey Protein by Synergistic Nutrition
Non-Denatured Whey Protein from Grass-Pastured Cows is a Nutritional Treasure! One World Whey derives its whey from Amish pastured cows, grazing on grasses grown on fertile soil. The nutrients provided by these grasses and seeds enable the cows to produce the highest quality milk. The whey derived from the milk is processed in a manner to ensure that it remains biologically active. Our bioactive whey protein and amino acid food then feeds and nourishes every cell of your body.
Say good-bye to unbearable muscle pain with Onecaine Advanced Topical Pain Relief. Developed by a team of pharmacists and physicians Onecaine is a breakthrough natural formula that penetrates and reaches the source of your pain and discomfort. The hard-working formula not only eases muscles, but unlike other products, also temporarily treats nerve pain and tenderness so that you can sleep all through the night with.
Pegasus Products vibrational remedies
800-527-6104 or 303-652-3424
Pegasus Products offers the Earth's Largest Collection of Vibrational Remedies. We carry a wide selection of Gem, Starlight, Chakra, Element, Planetary, Animal, Zodiac Elixirs and Flower Essences. We also carry energy enhancing Gas Devices and potent aroma-free vibrational mists. Get a 20% DISCOUNT on ALL items by entering the code word "sonja" in the discount code box in the shopping cart.
Pendulums by Creative Life Sciences
Each one of our limited edition pendulums is handmade. The actual pendulum itself is created using specific color(s) and swirl(s) of hand-blown dichroic-style glass, reflecting a connection with the ethereal energy that was observed during meditations to obtain these designs from the ether. In addition, each pendulum will be tuned to the frequency of the purchaser, or the person they will be gifting it to, which enhances it to become an energetic instrument for that person.
Personal Parasite Testing
Dr. d Angelo has over 45 years in medical microbiology and parasitology. He is a medical doctor specializing in analyzing samples of human stool and urine for comprehensive parasite analysis on your request. He sends you a kit. You collect the samples and send them back prepaid. After extensive testing he provides you with the results and information on each parasite found. If you are not already working with a practitioner Dr. d Angelo is able to recommend a natural remedy program for you.
PetzLife Oral Care Spray & Gel
You Take Care of Your Teeth...Right? Pets Need Dental Care Too! PetzLife Oral Care products work fast and naturally to remove plaque, tartar, reverse oral disease, promote healthy gums and brighten teeth for dogs and cats. No Brushing Required. Over 7,000 Veterinarians now using us as an alternative. PetzLife also offers @-Eaze-Calming Gel, Shampoos, Conditioners, Aromatherapy, Flea and Tick and Dewormer. Click the link to receive 15% off your order or call and mention code "AFH".
Power Bracelet
IBEM Medicine Wheel Bracelet restores balance to the body. This is a sacramental product based on American Indian spiritual teachings and practice. Made by and exclusively for the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine, it is Adjustable to fit most wrists, Lightweight and comfortable, Shows our Medicine Wheel hologram. This bracelet is not an American Indian product. It is made exclusively by the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine.
Prayer Flags by Ministry Of Consciousness
Handcrafted in Shamanic practices, bringing my elemental and medicine bundles together creates the Prayer Flags. They are long enough to tie on to trees, gates, doors, barns, wherever medicine is needed. Allows wind spirit to participate in the balancing of energies. Six colors for the 6 nations. May include: sage, tobacco, ash from sacred fires, blessed water, corn meal, pollens, animal hair, sand, feathers, herbs, tree and plant parts.
Pure Alternatives Radiant Glow Skin Care
Soak you skin and reveal the beauty within... Radiant Glow Skin Care Products are an all-natural organic and holistic alternative to your typical lotions and creams. Pure Alternatives is for consumers who want a healthy advantage for themselves and their loved ones. We offer holistic skin care products that may give your skin the edge in the daily battle against environmental pollutants and natural aging.
Pure Body by Touchstone Essentials
Pure Body cleanses toxins from the gastro-intestinal tract. Pure Body Extra Strength has been reduced to nano-size molecules so it can enter the blood stream and go anywhere a water molecule can go to detoxify your entire body! Toxins compromise the immune system and are the main cause of cancer and other life threatening diseases. They can also store in fat cells makes it hard to lose weight. Eliminating toxins from our bodies is the #1 most important step towards good health.
Pure Perfume – Energetically charged
Be unique, higher-self guided, and in sync with your Soul try our Soul's Journey perfumes. The aromas in the Creative Life Sciences - Soul's Journey line of scents are from real perfume oils only. Our perfumes do not contain alcohol or any fillers. When you make a purchase, we will focus into your morphic fields, or of the person you will be gifting it to, and tune the perfume energetically (infuse a specific frequency to resonate with the life purpose of the person receiving it).
Q2 Energy Spa
Developed and manufactured in Australia, the Patented Q2 ENERGY uses only the purest, finest forms of synergistic materials to best benefit your body. It was created to realign, balance and enhance the bio energetic levels in water that is then used by the cells of all living things. The Experience increases vitality, clarity and an overall sense of well being. By using the Q2 ENERGY regularly, you (and your family) can increase your energy levels whenever needed.
Quantum-Healing Cold Laser Therapy product specialist
Specializing in Laser Therapy & Light Therapy equipment for professional & personal applications. We have over 25 cold laser therapy & light therapy products for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, acute & chronic pain/injuries, weight control, smoking & cosmetic phototherapy. Light therapy treats the cause & the symptoms. Now with our FDA cleared lasers you can support complimentary & self-healing on a cellular level. Also specialists in Air & Water Purification.
Sacro Wedgy  Sacral Stabilizer
The Sacro Wedgy is an amazing tool to relax on daily to help naturally create muscle balance. It places the sacrum - the keystone of our anatomy - in a neutral position to allow surrounding muscles freedom to relax. Sciatica, low back pain, hip pain and more may be simply a muscle imbalance. The inventor is a football coach. Try simple first - it may be all you need. Let gravity do the work. For many, the Sacro Wedgy has worked when all else failed.
SAUNEX Far Infrared Sauna
877-772-8639 or 845-658-7576
Whether you have a health or wellness goal or just want to enjoy a relaxing spa experience, the Saunex far infrared (FIR) sauna helps the body detoxify, relax, lose weight, and leaves your skin with a healthy glow making you look better and feel revitalized all in the comfort of your own home.
Shaman Crafts Native American Indian Crafts and Jewelry
Shaman Crafts was created by Rev. Elena Skyhawk who is an Ordained Minister, Shaman Teacher and Healer. Her Native American Indian Crafts and Jewelry are unique. Items available include: Natural Dreamcatchers, Medicine or Spirit Bags, Chokers, Ceremonial and Smudge Fans, Lariats, Headdress Earrings, Bone and Gemstone Necklaces, Rattles, Talking Sticks, Shaman Staffs and more. Rev. Elena Skyhawk blesses all products when finished and the blessing goes with the product when sold.
Smudge Blends by Ministry Of Consciousness
Smudge blends are used for ritual, ceremony, cleansing, blessing, or as incense. Each blend is prayed for and energy enhanced. Smudge blend choices are Cleansing for big Energy Clean up jobs, Gabriel for Healing, God Goddess for offerings, Miracle for enhancing prayer. 4 pack minimum for $16. Please contact for more info.
So Well Hand Made Salt Water Chlorinator for Spas & Hot Tubs
Hand Made Salt Water Chlorinator and Salt Water Chlorine Generator for Spas, Jacuzzi & Hot Tubs. Our intention is to provide exceptional lifestyle products that can help you experience better health every day. Chemical free natural and detoxifying products all guaranteed to work while sustaining our planet. Why soak in a sea of chemicals when you can improve your health and wellbeing with natural salt? Visit us online or in our Skokie showroom.
SomaEnergetics Sound Therapy products
SomaEnergetics is a series of Sound Therapy Techniques developed by David Hulse at the turn of the century using the power of the ancient frequencies via our custom made solfeggio tuning forks. We offer Solfeggio Tuning Forks and other types of Tuning Forks, Energy Tuners, Body Tuners, Personal Sound Therapy kits, CDs, DVDs, Crystals, DNA products and more. We also offer Practitioner supplies.
Soul Visions
Come enjoy the uplifting spiritual world of intuitive watercolors by artist Lyn Mason. Explore the new Healing Series containing the flow of intentional healing from the angelic realm. Journey through the Frequency Portraits and their consciousness raising messages, and get acquainted with Lyn's Soul Essence Portraits, which inspire clients to believe in their eternal beauty and authentic selves. Card Sets also available featuring the artist's energy portrait prints.
Source Healing Baths by Ministry Of Consciousness
Contains salts, essential oils, proclamations, directions, herbs, energy and prayers. Transmute current energies in the chakra systems to higher state of being. Choices are: Root, Second, BB, Spleen, Heart and secondary Heart, Throat and Mouth of God, Third and Seventh Eye and Crown. Cycle (PMS), Detox, Trauma (injury, stress, fear) and Soothing (self nurturing) Energy Baths are also available. $13 per bath, discount for 5, 10, 15 and 20 packages. Please contact for more information.
Southwest Nutraceuticals
Since 2004, Southwest Nutraceuticals has been a source for enzymes and probiotics for both humans and animal health. Whether you're looking for digestive aids or probiotics for intestinal health, or more advanced enzyme blends to reduce scar tissue, pain and inflammation, we are constantly searching for the best choices for optimal health and performance for you. Alternatives for Healing discount: receive 15% off your order when using coupon code HEALINGUSA during checkout.
Sovi Naturals Himalayan Salt products for Body, Office and Home
Welcome to Sovi Naturals, an all Natural Himalayan Salt Store. Offering Himalayan Salt Bath & Body products, Himalayan Salt Lamps in unique colors and shapes for your home and office, Himalayan Salt Kitchen products, Clay Cookware, Organic Spices, Salt Inhalers, Neti Pots, and Salt Detox products. We also have Pet products too! Feel healthy with 84 rich mineral Himalayan Salt products. $5.95 Flat Shipping no matter how much you buy.
SpineMate Back-Roller
The SpineMate Back-Roller is the perfect tool for the home, company break room, gym or athletic club, or anywhere else bodies may congregate. Use for a quick energizing massage after sitting too long, knead sore muscles, relieve chronic tension, or work on trigger points along your spine. Experience the synergistic effect that comes when you are able to massage the whole length of your back at once.
Star Essence Flower and Gemstone Essences
Star Flower and Gemstone Essences are evolutionary vibrational remedies for the 21st century! Over 240 essences made from Andean Orchids of Machu Picchu, Peruvian and Santa Barbara Flowers and exquisite quality rounded and spherical Gemstones. All Star Essences are in a base of sacred activated healing water collected from over 100 sacred sites around the planet and infused with prayer. On our website, special Alternatives for Healing 11% discount ~ enter coupon code AFH at checkout.
Strongest Minds Emotional Health & Wellness Products
We carry an award winning line of body care created to not only smooth and soften with all natural, mostly organic ingredients, but our line is designed to enhance positivity, calm anxiety, anger, stress and bring confidence, joy and peace back to your life. We also have a great line of incredibly scented and vibrant color changing candles! As a Practitioner For Emotional Health Naturally is all about emotional health and comfort.
The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring
The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is clinically proven to stop snoring. It uses Chinese acupressure on the little pinky finger. Sterling Silver, hypoallergenic, non-invasive, buy with complete confidence at no risk. Stop snoring or your money back. Wear It Right - Stop Snoring Tonight.
The Green Herb
Since 1992, we've had the distinct pleasure of providing Nature's Finest Herbal Supplements to residents of the greater Denver area and now the whole of the Internet! We are our own manufacturer and have the highest standard for all of our botanicals. Come by the website and see what we can do for you.
The Monroe Institute
TMI is a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to enhancing the uses and understanding of human consciousness. The Monroe Institute is not affiliated with any religion, philosophy, or spiritual practice. We offer programs utilizing the world-renowned audio tools & technologies developed by Robert Monroe. Books, CDs, Audio downloads and more.
The Rejuvenizer by Light Healing
800-935-0128 or 512-301-2999
Created by Dr. Phyllis Light, the Rejuvenizer helps protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields from computers, cell phones, satellites, microwaves, TV and radio frequencies, and other electronic frequencies. It helps combat fatigue, headaches, and eyestrain, while also repairing damages to your energy field from drugs, surgical procedures, or other people's negativity directed at you. It also helps clear many viruses and bacteria that cause the flu and other illnesses.
The Salt Lamp Store
Harness the proven therapeutic powers of mineral-rich Himalayan salt crystals. Salt therapy helps us breathe well and is therapeutic. The gentle heat of the lamp helps release healthy negative ions into the air. These beautiful Natural Salt Lamps come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, each emitting a warm glow that will add to the beauty and surroundings of any room in your home or office. Our lamps come with dimmer cords so you can use them to change the ambiance in your room as well.
The Way To Balance
We manufacture a vast product line that targets a variety of health conditions, and promotes intuitive enhancement and personal growth. Products include emotional healing and chakra balancing aromatherapies and meditation tools, EMF protection and bodycare products, programmed crystals and jewelry, sound and music therapies, metaphysical and quantum healing tools, bath and body oils, meditation and self-healing CDs, nutritional supplements, and much more.
Therion Magnetics
Therion manufactures professional quality magnetic therapy products distinctively created for natural pain relief, improved joint flexibility, better quality of sleep and enhanced well-being. Products are sold world-wide, direct to consumers from our company website and from our authorized e-commerce dealers. Special programs are available to health care professionals and retailers who would like to integrate Therion products into their business.
VibesUP Vibrational Energy Products
Explore over 100 life changing Nature miracle tools. Crystals, gemstones, and frequency oils all have their own Vibrational energy frequency. Vibes UP has combined essential plant oils (frequency oils) with gemstones and crystals. Vibrational therapies from nature. Vibrational Energy- The final frontier in Fun, Simple and Scientifically Magical Life Solutions for EMF- Pets- Athletes- Bugs- Kids- Stress- Skin- Purpose Jewelry- Water- Ouches- Sleep & much more.
Victor Torres
SWS Practitioners Only Area
7332 Balmoral Court
Castle Pines, CO 80108
United States
Acupressure, Acupuncture, Addiction Treatments, Akashic Records, Animal Communicator, Animal Health, Aromatherapy, Art Therapy, Blood Chemistry Analysis, Breathwork, Brennan Healing Science, Detoxification Foot Bath, Distance Healing, Ear Coning
Excerpt area here
Wave Shield Cellular Protection
The Wave Shield is the only product of it's type sold in the USA to pass the scrutiny of the FTC. The Wave Shield blocks up to 97% of radiation from entering the ear without affecting reception. All cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation. Visit to view over 160 studies on cell phone dangers under World News. Protect yourself and your family. Business opportunities also available.



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