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Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine Newsletter
The Acutonics Program is designed to providing a practical understanding of Sound Healing, Oriental Medicine and Harmonic Living. This is a non-invasive modality, with a scientific and spiritual foundation that is having profound results. Receive news, treatment tips, and ideas that can enhance your work with Acutonics including subscribing to our monthly newsletter.
Alenov Wellness Center is one of the most integrated, progressive and holistic natural health clinics in the Midwest. We heal, educate and empower. Check out our blog to keep current on technology and topics in the natural health field.
The mission of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy (ACAN) is to educate pet owners and to shape leaders in animal naturopathy (true natural health care). Learn holistic tips and techniques by reading our blog and joining our newsletter.
Animal Lovers Pet Shop Newsletter
Our Mission is to provide the education and loving support to our customers so that they will have the knowledge to care for and enjoy their pets. Sign up for Our Email Newsletters and Receive Valuable Coupons.
Subscribe to Kathleen's mailing list for The Animal Reiki Source Newsletter and the latest news and information on Reiki for animals around the world.
New to aromatherapy It is fun and easy to experiment with essential oils. Aromatics International owner Karen Williams is a Certified Aromatherapist, RN and CFM. Check our her blog and newsletter.
Tibetan Buddhist art, furniture, and antiques from the monasteries of the Ser Shong. The monks have granted Baronet 4 Tibet exclusive worldwide distribution. All their items presented here are certified as authentic and come with a Certificate of Authentication. Scroll down and subscribe to be informed of sales, specials, new additions, and conditions inside of Tibet.
Work towards your optimal health by learning nutrition tips, easy to follow recipes, and valuable wellness information in the Bauman College enewsletter. Start staying connected to your health. Sign up for the Bauman College eNewsletter.
Enjoy the many benefits of joining our Beaut-E-Club and get our newsletter with knowledgable and informative articles on health, beauty and wellness. Health and Beauty tips from our professionals. Updates on the latest research on nutrition and health.
Commentary and updates on experiences with the new field of Stone Essences. Introduces the work of The Standing Stones Essence, client experiences, and the relationship to Sacred Spaces in the world. An essential resource for all who are seeking greater connection to personal wholeness in a time of planetary challenge.
Learn about natural dental options, ways to detoxify your body and holistic health tips from Dr. David Villarreal. Holistic dentistry aims at helping you enhance the overall health of your mind, body, and spirit. Read his informative blog and keep up to date with natural options.
Specials and Subscriber Only Offers,Health Updates,Inspiration,Ground Breaking EMF Research and other Health News of note, Unusual, special or intriguing people, events or opportunities.
Bliss-Parsons Institute offers you the opportunity to explore the essence of the human spirit, and for your own personal quest to discover what lies beyond the confines of material life. Each of our contributors will be offering regular insights from their own personal perspective ranging from the Spiritual, Philosophical, and Metaphysical, to the Historical, Analytical, and Scientific.
Information about Cold Laser Therapy Equipment and Quantum Healing Technologies. Learn about different cold lasers and how to choose a cold laser. Read testimonials, and familiarize yourself with this technology that has been perfected over 40 years worldwide for humans and animals.
An online magazine where new ideas are taking root for a changing world. Join the Conscious Shift mailing list and receive monthly up dates. You will get two emails a month with Conscious and Shifting information about events and feature articles. In addition you’ll get special offers only available to our Community. It’s easy and FREE!
Consciousness Of Economics and Urban Farm Project Blog on many topics from farming, spiritual insights, health, nutrition, animals and healthy practices.
Nand Harjani
Each issue includes several articles which cover a range of subjects in areas such as Healing, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Guides, and Future Events.
By Rev. Carolyn A Underwood, PhD, Doctor of Transpersonal Psychology & Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Clinically Certified RoHun™ Doctor, Traditional Reiki Master Teacher, and Metaphysician Practitioner. We have entered a new time and place in our evolution as spiritual beings. Visit my blog to help you reconnect to your true Spiritual essence.
Dr. Sobo
Dr. Sobo tracks the latest research in Nutritional Medicine. As more scientific evidence becomes available regarding diet, nutrition, exercise and supplementation, he will bring it to you so that you can use this knowledge for yourself and your family. For the best in Integrative Medicine call Henry C. Sobo, M.D.
Dr. Gumberich is an active member of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA). He has been in practice for over 30 years. Read his newsletter archive and blog to keep informed of your holistic medical options.
Things have evolved tremendously over the last years. Keeep in touch with Dr. Hartell and the newest therapies and equipment we offer at Acupuncture and Alternative Healthcare.
Sign up for Dr. Kamiaks newsletter. Sandra Kamiak, MD specializes in Classical Homeopathy, Psychosynthesis, and Body Mind Spirit Integrative Practice. will send no more than 2 newsletters per month. Most newsletters include a discount code, health information or new product information. Your health is a top priority at so we sell only chemical free and natural supplements and health & beauty products Made in America.
Eastern School of Acupuncture Newsletter
Our newsletter focuses on overall health and acupuncture topics, featured faculty/clinic supervisor/ and alumni spotlights, advertisements from alumni, faculty, and local businesses, and upcoming Eastern School and local community events here in New Jersey.
Palo Santo 100% pure Essential Oils and Incense. We're artisan distillers and only process wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forests of Ecuador. Sign Up for Email offers on New Products, Sales Announcements, News & More.
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. covers topics of ancient mysteries, dreams, reincarnation, holistic health, mindful living, astrology, meditation and prayer, life after death, psychic development, and much more.
Each issue will include a summary of previously foreseen ongoing and upcoming business events and trends for the current month, an intuitive-business projection for the following month (includes articles focused on the Financial Markets, Real Estate, Industry, and Commodities), and an overall intuitive-business Summary of Trends in Key Industries Globally. Yearly subscription is $150 US.
You are a powerful, magnificent being. You have all the codes to heal and transform yourself. Wake up to the awareness of the brilliant, shining light that you are. Accelerate your awakening with information & updates from Carolanne at H.E.A.L.
Getting a little too close to your oncologist? I help cancer survivors regain their pep so they can fill their calendars with friends and family instead of doctor visits. Hair Analysis properly read combined with Nutritional Balancing is key. Check out S.E.L.F. Nutrition's blog.
Hawthorn University Blog
Hawthorn University is a leader in online holistic nutrition education. Check our blog for health tips, new research, upcoming events and announcements.
Our newsletter offers helpful information for the mind-body-spirit. Also tips for weight and addiction issues, Fibromyalgia and ADD/ADHD.
Join me on BlogTalkRadio for a fascinating tour of the mind-body-spirit connection. Enjoy nourishing conversations, thought-provoking guests, personal growth tools, guidance, practical tips ... plus a generous sprinkling of humor and warmth! Sign-up for Internet Radio show and blog updates. Episodes 1 to 27 available for download or streaming.
Center For Advanced Healing and Training is a free monthly electronic newsletter offering cutting- edge alternative healing tips and articles, healthy recipes, practical self-help advice and information on What’s New.
By Holistic Veterinarian, Author and Educator, Dr. Christina Chambreau. Check out her informative blog and sign up for her newsletter and get your free Natural Flea Prevention Report
Heart Inspired presentations is a safe, gentle, loving hub for motivational, inspirational ideas to help you discover your true self, your life’s purpose, and your natural goals for success. Sign up for our monthly inspirational newsletter with heartfelt articles or check out our blog.
Your source for Metaphysical Jewelry, Books, Crystals & Minerals for over 25 years. All your favorite minerals plus the rare & unusual. Gemstone jewelry in Sterling Silver & 14K Gold. We have thousands of items in our FREE Color Catalog. Newsletter included with Catalog and also published online, along with back issues. Email us or call 800-942-9423 to receive yours.
Hedra News educates the average person on methods that practitioners are now using. We provide information on options for improving the health of your Body, Mind & Spirit. Check out our Article Archive blog.
Subscribe to the Hemi-Sync newsletter and join our community. You will receive periodic emails with informative articles, new product releases and special promotional offers.
From the Land of Pharaohs and Queens renowned for their spiritual teachings and beauty practices, Het-Heru's Chamber offers 'scentilizing' Sacred Oils and products that are reminiscent of being inside an ancient Egyptian chamber. Products with Spiritual Intent- for Love, Prosperity, Chakra Balancing and more. Join our newsletter to be informed of special offerings.
At, we are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle on a green planet. Homeopathic remedies stimulate your body's own defenses helping you restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit without any adverse side effects. Sign up for our e-newsletter about homeopathic remedies, healthy living, new products, and remedy sales events!
At Inner Connections Yoga, Spa & Wellness Center we provide a newsletter offering yoga tips and spiritual tips to reduce stress and creating balance in life by focusing on the mind-body-spirit connection. Sign up for our free monthly e-newsletter.
Integrative health addresses all aspects of your well-being, including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Your health depends on the knowledge and understanding you receive on nutrition and other natural therapies, along with the effects it can have on the body. Visit our blog and join our newsletter to keep informed.
Consciousness acts like a super computer and if we can change the software we can change our lives by tapping into the field of our hearts, our feelings and beliefs we can transcend all of the laws of lack and separation thus shattering our paradigm of limitations.
Jonathan Goldman Healing Sounds Blog and Newsletter
Jonathan is director of the Sound Healers Association and president of Spirit Music, Inc. in Colorado. Jonathan Goldman is an international authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. See website to read his blog or sign up for his free newsletter.
Sign up today and keep yourself informed on the latest news regarding Kangen Water and your health doctors viewpoints, testimonies, wellness tips and much, much more. Free DVD available too.
Sign up for our free newsletter featuring cutting-edge news on nutrition, health alerts, tips on weight loss, living healthy and happy.
Lifestream Healing's blog and newsletter keeps you informed about current planetary and universal energy shifts; important dates and timelines; and what's new at Lifestream Healing.
Subscribe to Jan Engels-Smith LightSong newsletter to receive informative and stimulating information that blends ancient wisdom with 21st century shamanism. Ancient teachings of shamanic healing understands that all illnesses have a spiritual and energetic component that impacts the soul. Check our our new Blog too!
Luna is proud to be accredited and recognised by the IPHM, AAMA and the IICT as professional training providers. The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, The American Alternative Medical Association the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. Our Blog talks about case studies and holistic tips.
Lyme disease is transmitted by the bite of a tick, and the disease is prevalent across the United States and throughout the world. Dr. Braccia provides patients with the best clinical Lyme research as well as his personal philosophy of treating “the whole person.” Read his Haverford Wellness Center blog and learn about your options for Lyme disease.
Dr. Phyllis Light is a nationally-known intuitive healer and personal growth counselor. Sign up for her empowering newsletter.
The Monday Morning Shift Newsletter includes a Tap Along (EFT) Video. Experience how quickly you can shift from destructive beliefs and toxic emotions into feeling a joy for life again with Emotional Freedom Technique.
A discussion with Integrative Health Coach, Barbara Ford-Latty, of all facets of holistic health; especially energy work, integrative approach to wellness, mindfulness and energy balance. Find out the straight story on all topics regarding ancient healing and modern science.
The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) Blog and monthly e-Newsletter offers educational articles, safety updates, mini-marketing tips, monthly bookstore specials, calendar of events and more. NAHA is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing public awareness of the benefits of aromatherapy.
Your health is your most important asset! It is critical to take good care of yourself – now. In Natural Health Centre's blog, Dr. Nancey Savinelli writes about Health, Nutrition, Energy and Total Mind / Body / Spirit Health.
Our weekly newsletter is filled with news, tips and featured content from Natural Solutions Magazine and Alternative Medicine Magazine to provide natural and healthy tips in your daily life. Each newsletter is focused on a specific condition to provide you with a natural lifestyle change.
New Spirit Journal, A Community Newspaper for Soulful Living, is a print and online publication providing columns, articles and advertising to help people live happier, more soulful lives. New Spirit Journal inspires, educates, and motivates at a deep and lasting level. Check out our audio library blog with interview archives.
A blog about natural healing using Radiation Hormesis. Read about natural healing using Natural Radiation.
Thermography is a popular test to monitor breast health, pain problems and the effectiveness of treatment. Thermography is non-contact and non-invasive. Temperatures are measured at the skin with an infrared detector (camera). The skin temperature is a reflection of underlying controls. Various diseases can change the skin temperature. Read our blog to learn more.
Sign up for our newsletter and get great health tips. Also get the latest information on political happenings in the food industry. Newsletter by Barb Minemier, Certified Holistic Health Coach
Pam energetically clears issues from the past which block the life you desire. She resets issues with relationships, finances, career, health, the past, etc. Parts of the soul that split off due to trauma pulled back. She releases issues and patterns carried for ancestors which can cause issues. Learn about holistic natural remedies and therapies. Check out her blog.
Free weekly e-mail that includes news, special offers and the PARABOLA Calendar for the week ahead - the Calendar notes spiritual holidays, relevant birthdays and anniversaries, and other notable dates to help you celebrate every day! Check out our blog too.
Learn how the Pechet Healing Technique can clear your issues for good. Using her Pechet Healing Technique, Ellie clears a core issue such as trauma, abuse, grief, depression, phobias on a regular basis every session from New England to New Zealand. See how she can help you too. Scroll down and to the left on the home page to read sign up for our newsletters.
People House provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth in a safe and supportive community. Our mission is to fostering conscious awareness of body, mind and spirit. People House is a collaborative community for healing and growth, offering holistic resources for life’s journey— empowering people for 40 years now.
News and valuable insights into healing through the human energy field. Read about recent developments and discoveries in energy medicine on our blog Playing the Fields by Dr. Sauter and Full Spectrum Energy Medicine.
Edey can help ease the uncomfortable, frightening confusion you may be having during an Ascension Process. She'll give you clarity and understanding to what it is you are moving through. An Ascension Transformation is the new coming in for you and a shedding of what no longer serves you. This soul growth process continues as you expand and magnify. Read what she experienced and gained in her blog.
If you want to know more about spiritual and energy healing, meditation guidance from beginner to advanced levels, how to make the laws of attraction work for you, how to deepen your spiritual realizations, and find answers to hundreds of questions you will find that and much more on our blog. Sign up for Jonathan Parker's newsletter too.
Multi-faceted trance medium, Rev. Elivia Melodey offers ongoing workshops in spiritual growth. mediumship and psychic development, crystal healing, sound healing and energy work. Singing Crystal Bowl events too. Sign up for free newsletter.
Offering information in the areas of spirituality, science, innovation, inspiration, and hidden truths about our world, as well as news about on-the-spot life improvement from Sacred spiral Services. Free sample session of Results Beyond Belief (based on the Yuen Method) plus free report, 10 Myths of Healing and Self-Improvement, gifted with sign-up.
Sedona Conscious Magazine is an invaluable media resource, inviting readers from all over the world to become part of our conscious online community. Featuring articles on topics related to natural health and wellness, progressive topics, conscious events, and tools that assist one on their spiritual path. Sign up for our e-newsletter and monthly ezine.
Free monthly newsletter from Shirley Scott - Animal Communicator and founder of Animal Rescue Ranch.
We partner with you to restore body-mind harmony and vibrant health using advanced energy practices and a compassionate holistic approach. Your body has an innate ability to assess and heal itself. Visit our blog to learn about great natural health tips. Sign up for our newsletter too.
Star shares updates on recent happenings in her world of flower and gemstone essences. Hear about product specials, new essences, upcoming events, cosmic happenings and more! Sign up for free newsletter or check out her blog.
Amy is one of the most respected advisers in the field of powerfully bringing you back to an emotionally healthy state using energy medicine and natural healing flowers. Amy is a certified teacher, has been on TV and radio. Her Blog will help you learn how Flower Essences can help you take back control of your life again,and feel success and joy for yourself and your family.
Learn how to create a Success Mindset from the inside out and how to enhance the success image from the outside in. The mindset and the image you have of yourself has a miraculous effect on your results. It truly determines your results in all areas of our life - personal, career, business, relationships, social, health and wellbeing.
We invite you to learn of the truth regarding nutrition and how to create mental health, so that both physical and emotional health is yours. Learn about the benefits of synergistically applied nutrition and technology. Blog Archives available too.
Stay updated with all the latest information on health and wellness. Join our informative newsletter for health tips, advice, discounts on our services & more. BONUS! With your sign-up, receive a free audio download of Janet's Positive Affirmation CD. Save to your computer or MP3 player.
AURA SHOP is your one-stop metaphysical resource center. Sign up for our e-newsletter and stay informed of upcoming events and classes at the Aura Shop in Santa Monica, California.
The Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst is the international center for the practice and teaching of medical Heilkunst. We provide comprehensive treatment based on safe, non-toxic remedies prescribed according to natural law principles for a wide range of disease conditions. Our blog explains the concepts of Heilkunst and illustrates them with common examples from our clinic.
The Inner Light Gazette, Quiet Moments for Busy People is a free online magazine and newsletter delivered to your inbox semi-monthly. Live the magic. Expand your inner light through insightful essays 3 min. to read, practices, Video Meditations 5-10 min. Inspiration and timeless knowledge to enrich your inner Self. Free Gift with subscription.
The Life Connection provides a guide to San Diego County’s resources for improving health, the environment, relationships, and expanding human potential. It is a resource to activities, quality products and professional services. Expand your personal and spiritual awareness and attain optimum health. Join our Newsletter to stay informed.
Trinity Healing Arts provides a safe, sacred healing space for those who are drawn here. It is our desire to be of assistance by presenting ways in which you may remove any obstacles to your healing process and are honored to be a part of your journey as you move towards your own power and truth. Also check out other newsletter archives on our other website
True Blue Spirit Magazine and blog gives you information that expands your mind, revitalizes your body and makes your spirit soar. Read our blog and learn new possibilities of awareness.
The quarterly Truth Consciousness Newsletter share news of Sacred Mountain Ashram in Boulder, CO, and Desert Ashram in Tucson, AZ , as well as Truth Consciousness publications news on Light of Consciousness Journal of Spiritual Awakening, the books and audio Satsangs of Swami Amar Jyoti, and Kirtan and Sacred Chants.
Check our our blog for those of you who thirst for knowledge and want a more in depth explanation of vibrational energy. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updated news and breakthroughs on vibrational energy, along with new product announcements and coupons.
With Krista Arthur Madigson, Spiritual and Meditation Instructor. Receive inspirational and in-depth monthly meditation and mindfulness tips and practices, for better health, improved relationships and a more meaningful spiritual connection.