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Aromatherapy for home sales

If you are selling your home, Aromatherapy can make your home more inviting to potential buyers. The scents of lemon or geranium promote a cheerful and happy mood. The scents of vanilla or cinnamon are very inviting. You can simmer the oil in water, or sprinkle around the carpet areas, or put oil on cotton balls and tuck away in hidden places.


Acupressure uses the application of pressure to the same specific points on the body that are stimulated with acupuncture treatments. Acupressure is a good option for someone who is uncomfortable with acupuncture because of the needles involved but is searching for a therapy that works with the body energy meridians.

natural fiber

Good sources of natural fiber for your diet include pears, apples, oat bran, vegetables and legumes. Eating more fiber helps the body to detoxify in an easy and healthy way.

Books, CDs and DVDs

Learn a new healing technique or tool. Books and DVDs are available on meditation, nutritional tips, herbal remedies, and healing techniques of all types. Powerful self-help books and DVDs are available on over holistic 50 topics. Learn something new for yourself or to help a loved one. Visit

Quartz crystals

Quartz crystal can be used to clear and activate the chakras. It purifies the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. During crystal therapy healing sessions, it can be placed on or near the body in areas that need healing. Quartz crystals amplify the energy field in the location it is placed. To find Crystal Therapy Practitioners, Books or Products visit

Black Tourmaline stone

The stone Black Tourmaline is used to protect from and repel radiation and negative energies. One such use is to place by computer monitors. With Crystal Therapy assorted stones can be placed on and around the body in a pattern designed to resonate with “chakras” or energy vortexes of the body and aid in energy healing. Stones or crystals are often worn as jewelry too.

EMF protection

Cell phones emit EMF. There are products available that can help protect you, including patches to stick on your phone, necklaces, rings and more. To find Products that protect or reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation visit and go to EMF Protection.

Gotu Kola herb

The herb Gotu kola has been found to boost circulation and has had significant results in healing of skin and other connective tissue. Gotu kola stimulates the central nervous system, aids in wound healing, and increases circulation. This herb has also been used to enhance cognitive function and memory. It is regarded as one of the most spiritual and rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda.