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Lymphatic Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy can involve several methods of treatment. Manual Lymphatic Drainage uses massage and skin brushing techniques. Lymphatic Therapy is an effective tool for detoxification and building the immune system so that the body can produce new blood cells and filter toxins at a higher level. Visit to find a Lymphatic Therapy practitioner in your area.

Castor oil effectively treats skin disorders, acne, and breaks up scar tissue

Castor oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that effectively treat skin disorders and acne. It also breaks up scar tissue by penetrating deep into the tissues. Castor oil is able to distinguish between healthy cells and abnormal ones. Applying castor oil to the skin after surgery will help speed the healing of the wounds and will also minimize scar formation.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruits help protect the cell DNA from oxidant-related damage and mutation. They also help with cardiovascular health, eye problems and cancer. They are rich in vitamins C, E and A, minerals and fiber.


Thermography for use in cancer screening is based on the concept that cancer gives off more heat than normal tissue. Thermography uses an infrared camera taking thermal images for sensing hot and cold areas of the body. There is no radiation, or contact with the body. Visit to find a Thermography practitioner in your area.

stimulate your lymphatic system

You can stimulate your lymphatic system by dry-brushing your skin starting from the hands and feet inward toward your heart. For a higher level of treatment visit a practitioner. Lymphatic Therapy is an effective tool for detoxification and building the immune system so that the body can produce new blood cells and filter toxins at a higher level.


Iridology is the analysis of the iris, which is the colorful area of the eye that surrounds the pupil. In Iridology, the iris is analyzed to determine a person’s level of health and specific areas of nutritional deficiencies. To find a practitioner who offers Iridology visit

Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is a popular Homeopathic remedy used to help speed up recovery from bruises, muscle soreness, joint pain and surgery. Homeopathy is used to treat acute and chronic health problems as well as for disease prevention and health promotion. To find practitioners who offer Homeopathic remedies or for online shopping visit

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing Practitioners detect energetic blockages in a person’s aura. The practitioner first cleanses and opens up congested areas using specific sweeping hand motions, then replenishes the energy deficient areas with fresh energy. Colored “pranas” or energy forces are also used to accelerate the healing process. Visit to find a Pranic Healing practitioner in your area.

Massaging your ears

Massaging your ears can bring healing relief from many ailments. Pain, stress and anxiety can be helped with a healing therapeutic ear massage. An ear massage is very detoxifying and stimulating to the system. The ear contains more than two hundred pressure points that influence different areas of the body and the psyche. Acupressure ear massages can also be enhanced with aromatherapy oils.

Informative Books

Many practitioners who have had success with particular therapies have now written informative books to help you incorporate these therapies into your own life. Powerful self-help books are available on over holistic 50 topics. Check out some of these wonderful boks