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Gratefulness attracts Abundance

To attract abundance, first be grateful for the good things you have in your life right now. Gratitude is a powerful magnet for manifesting. Another magnet for manifesting what you desire to receive is to give it to others. Give what you want to receive and trust that the energy will flow back to you in many ways.


Thermography for use in cancer screening is based on the concept that cancer gives off more heat than normal tissue. Thermography uses an infrared camera taking thermal images for sensing hot and cold areas of the body. There is no radiation, or contact with the body.

Lapis activates and energizes the brow and throat chakras

The stone Lapis activates and energizes the brow and throat chakras. Lapis is used to expand awareness, intuition and intellectual capacity. Lapis stimulates emotional and mental clarity. It has also been used to relieve symptoms of vertigo and dizziness.

When using Affirmations

When using affirmations to replace old thought patterns, you have to first be willing to eliminate the need or the seed of the old thought. If the subconscious mind is in conflict with a new affirmation you are using to try to achieve a goal, then the Law of Attraction will side with the more powerful side of your mind, which is the subconscious mind. Many therapies are available to help this.

Coconut Oil has many health benefits

Coconut Oil has many health benefits. When taken internally, Coconut Oil can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. The fatty acids in Coconut Oil can also boost brain function in Alzheimer’s patients and also help reduce seizures in epileptic children. When applied topically Coconut Oil helps moisturize the skin and hair.