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The herb Goldenseal

The herb Goldenseal is a favorite herb among naturopaths and herbalists. It is used for digestive tract infections, urinary tract infections, and diarrhea. It also makes a powerful eyewash for eye infections. Goldenseal is also helpful for sore throat, canker sores and cold sores. It fights bacteria, viruses and fungi, and boosts the immune system.

Shamanic Healing

In Shamanic Healing, animal totems assist the practitioner in helping the client discover their innate powers, energies and abilities. Learning about one’s totem animals helps a person to discover their own strengths, skills and adaptive powers. The characteristics of the animals in a person’s totem reveal much about the person’s characteristics and help empower the person by calling upon these strengths.

Avoid costly and dangerous anesthesia with pet dental cleaning

Avoid costly and dangerous anesthesia with pet dental cleaning – products are now available that clean teeth naturally and pain-free. Animal dental health products are now available for our pets that can be easily and safely used at home. They are made from natural ingredients and are easy on the wallet too. Visit and go to Animal Health

Flower Essences can help animals with thunderstorms

Many animals are afraid of thunder. With summer thunderstorms coming, try using Flower Essences to help your animal be calmer. Some Flower Essences are designed to be sprayed in their aura, and other are designed to put a drop or two their drinking water or on their fur. Check with practitioner or manufacturer for best type for your pet.