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Baking soda or white vinegar

Baking soda or white vinegar can be used to naturally remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

The Healing Codes

The Healing Codes is a therapy that can be used for changing limiting beliefs, addictions, traumas, PTSD, and more. The Healing Codes is a form of energy healing that neutralizes the stress that is created through our perceptions and held in the body and the energy field.

Rosemary essential oil is often used for alertness and stimulating memory

Rosemary essential oil is often used for alertness and stimulating memory. Dap a little into a handkerchief or cotton ball and inhale as needed. It can also keep you alert during long car trips or a long day at work. To find essential oils visit our Products section for online shopping or our Stores section for stores in your area

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper has been shown to help with digestion, circulation and blood flow. Cayenne is one of the most useful and valuable herbs in the herb kingdom. It is a miracle herb for the heart and has been shown to stop a heart attack in 30 seconds. Cayenne Pepper also increases the effectiveness of other herbs when you use them together.

Reiki is a gentle healing method

Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing method where the practitioner serves as an open channel for transmitting universal life force energy (also known as ki, qi, prana, or chi) to the client. The energy is channeled through the practitioner’s hands, which then activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Reiki releases blocked energies and promotes relaxation and healing.

Lemongrass essential oil can be used to reduce pain

Lemongrass essential oil can be used to reduce pain because it numbs nerve endings. It also is more effective against staph infection than penicillin. It is a very popular and inexpensive essential oil. Remember that lesser quality oils do not have the powerful healing properties that the pure-grade, high quality essential oils provide.

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Magnesium helps keep bones strong, blood pressure normal, and improves muscle function. It also prevents osteoporosis, insomnia, constipation, heart attacks, hypertension, constipation, kidney stones, and gallstones. Sources of magnesium include nuts (especially almonds), dried figs, whole grains fish and green leafy vegetables. Epsom Salt baths are also a relaxing way to get more magnesium.

The herb Gotu Kola

The herb Gotu kola has been found to boost circulation and has had significant results in healing of skin and other connective tissue. Gotu kola stimulates the central nervous system, aids in wound healing, and increases circulation. This herb has also been used to enhance cognitive function and memory. It is regarded as one of the most spiritual and rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda.

White Willow bark herb

White willow bark herb has benefits similar to aspirin, reducing pain and inflammation, but without the potential irritation to the stomach. It also has healthy tannins. White Willow bark is often called the original aspirin and aspirin is made from a synthetic derivative of this herb.