by Anna R. Dias N.D.

The senses, by far, are the most effective when it comes to the benefits of pure essential oils since many of my childhood memories still linger. For example, my mom’s cooking every Sunday ritual, I remember the smell of chicken baked in the oven with the aroma wafting through the house, spices of rosemary, and orange. All our senses play a major role in our well-being, even to relieving a stressful situation. When it come to the inhalation of essential oils, scent is registered via both olfactory and limbic systems of the brain in the hypothalamus region. This promotes effects on different levels of the human psyche, including the memory and mental aspects. In this way, essential oils can trigger pleasant and unpleasant memories, uplift or play down on the emotions. Oils also find their way more quickly into the bloodstream and organs through the inhalation process.

Aromatherapy is said, it should not be considered a miracle cure for serious emotional issues, the use of essential oils may assist, and sometimes greatly, with emotional issue or states. Proper use of essential oils enhances your emotional outlook and provide support and help balance your emotions during the day.

Essential oils are comprised of naturally occurring chemicals that work in synergy with one another. Because essential oils evaporate quickly (known as being “volatile”), their molecules are easily inhaled.

Where can we use essential oils?

  1. Full Body massage
  2. Specific pain areas; ex; stress migraine (rub the temples)
  3. Bath, relaxation
  4. Rubbing feet (many beneficial effects) reduce stress, anxiety, balance
  5. Inhalation (put a few drops on pillow) better sleep, tissue (Kleenex)
  6. In the car
  7. Compress (body, facial) Use a flannel

 Among many Essential oils there are a few I like to work with. The first one

  • Orange oil/

Blends well with most E.O; (bergamot, clove, ginger, sandalwood

Helps balance emotions, positive outlook, anger management and great for winter blues,

Helps build confidence, Reduce anxiety, irritability. 2-*Avoid use in sun, dilute well. Bergamot.

One of my favorite E.O; It helps all emotions, it is uplifting, normalizes emotions, confidence builder, loneliness, insecurities.

 Bergamot and geranium: blends well with (Roman chamomile, lemongrass, Jasmin, bergamot)

  • Geranium; Anti-inflammatory, fungal great for depression, fear, brings a sense of happiness and peace, stress
  • Lavender aspic: great for cuts, insect bites, antibacterial, antiviral, Blends well; citrus oils, patchouli, rosemary, geranium, clary sage.

Emotions: panic attack, reduce stress, anxiety, enhances intuition, clears negative energy, promotes clarity.

  • Peppermint; stimulant, analgesic (in alcohol), anti-microbial Blends well; lavender,

Peppermint* Avoid while pregnant, dilute well.

Emotions: Vitalizing, refreshing, increase alertness, cooling, great for concentration and focus.

  • Forest Nordica complex blend (Pine, Balsam): Anti-bacteria, great for colds,

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D.

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