By Dr. Henry Sobo, MD

A study from France has shown that a diet rich in anti oxidant foods lowers the risk of Diabetes Type 2.
This kind of diet has already been shown to lower the risk of developing certain types of cancers and so this study ads to the proven benefits of eating a healthy diet. The study subjects were over 64,000 French women between 40 and 65 years, surveyed from 1993 to 2008. Each study subject completed a dietary questionnaire at the beginning of the study, including detailed information on their intake of more than 200 different foods. Putting this information together with previously established measures of the anti oxidant content of different foods, gave the researchers the data they needed to calculate a score for ‘total dietary antioxidant capacity’ for each participant.

Their results show that the risk of diabetes diminishes with greater antioxidant consumption. Some of the antioxidant-rich foods that made the difference were dark chocolate, tea, walnuts, prunes, blueberries, strawberries and hazelnuts. Women with the greatest antioxidant scores had a reduction in diabetes risk of 27% compared with those with the lowest scores. Researcher Francesca Romana Mancini says, “This link persists after taking into account all the other principal diabetes risk factors: smoking, education level, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, family history of diabetes and, above all, BMI, the most important factor” The foods and drinks that contributed the most to a high dietary antioxidant score were fruits and vegetables, tea and red wine (consumed in moderate quantities).”

Lead researcher Guy Fagherazzi, explains “This work complements our current knowledge of the effect of isolated foods and nutrients, and provides a more comprehensive view of the relationship between food and type 2 diabetes. We have shown that an increased intake of antioxidants can contribute to a reduction in diabetes risk’.

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