The concept to spring cleaning our homes and ridding of unnecessary items that have been accumulated in our basement, tucked away, or simply holding on to memories that are draining. Is a result of much clutter and can become a nuisance to our mind which I like to call toxic! The same analogy applies to our bodies. With the evolution of modern society, the internal body is being stressed even more than ever before an overloaded with chemicals, toxins, air pollution, and radiation. Not to mention the toxins we ingest through our mouths: the processed and demineralized foods, herbicides, pesticides, food colorings, preservatives, and greasy, acidic based foods. These poisons can cause excessive stress on the entire physiology of our bodies, weakening our immune systems, digestive systems, and eliminative organs. Once these systems are weakened, the other glands and organs become weakened and stressed, resulting in chronic and degenerative diseases.

When our bodies are clean and strong, they can eliminate toxins, but when they become overloaded, they become sluggish and more susceptible to disease, as the immune system no longer has the capability of fighting off the invading diseases. Here are a few tips that will help the transition of detoxifying the body simpler. The question that most people ask in my practice, how should I cleanse my body and accelerate the detoxifying process?

Before we get into a specific protocol for intense cleansing, I would like to address one final point: your body cleanses and detoxifies itself evenly. What I mean by this is, there is no way for your body to cleanse your kidneys first, and then your liver, and then your eyes, and so on and so forth. Your body detoxifies all its cells at about the same pace.

This does not mean that every part of your body will feel healthier at the same pace, as each of your body parts has its own history and genetic predisposition. Let us say, for example, that you have a long history of acne. If you begin a period of intense cleansing, it may be days or weeks or months after your internal organs have become significantly cleaner and healthier when you observe improvement in the health of your skin. And if other factors are contributing to your acne (such as an imbalance in your endocrine system), you may need years of healthful living to experience lasting improvement in skin health and tone.

Although it may be disheartening to know, the truth is that lasting improvement in your health may take many months or years to manifest itself. You may feel better within days, but I hope that what you are really shooting for is to build a foundation of health that will serve you for decades.

Also, please remember that the positive effects of an intense period of cleansing will last only if your dietary and lifestyle choices support your cleanse. Full body cleansing never

stops – it is always happening at the pace that your daily choices allow. If you want to experience your best health, your job is to support your body’s self-cleansing mechanisms every day. health after your cleanse. Your body is working its tail off to detoxify itself as you are reading these words, and it will continue to do so during an intense cleanse, and after an intense.

Here are some tools to support your health during and after you are cleansed:

  • Increase fiber intake daily to 30gr; Fiber cleanses your body and your digestive tract, along in regulating glucose level during the day which promotes better sleep, so opt for foods like sprouted bread, brown rice, broccoli, bran cereal, corn and other raw vegetables and
  • Eliminate/reduce wheat and gluten from your diet
  • Stay away from the 3P: pasta (exception of rice paste), potatoes, pastry. Reducing empty carb helps regulate glucose level and promote detox, healthy weight loss and conserve
  • Check your acidity level (you can buy a dispenser at a store or see your naturopath) normal range should be around 7-7.5 the lower it is the more acidic. When the body is more acidic, there is stress oxidation which create inflammation. Being alkaline reduces infection and restores the
  • Drink lots of water & get lots of clean fresh air as you can. Your lungs are constantly expelling carbon dioxide into the air around you, and your cleansing mechanism are best served by a steady stream of fresh, oxygen- rich
  • Take naps and get as much physical and emotional rest at night. Sleep is essential for maintaining the right body weight; Between 1:00 and 3:00 am, secretion of growth hormone is elevated, which induces transformation of body-fat into available energy that is required for reconstruction purposes. When you are active at that time, fluctuating blood-energy levels and food consumption will inhibit this process.
  • Chew your food well, do not overeat and eat small portion; this can help produce digestive enzymes which in return breakdown any food intake, and speed up the process of elimination of toxins through the
  • Engage in light stretching everyday/ brisk walk nothing strenuous while detoxify.
  • Minimize your exposure to exogenous & endogenous; for ex, cosmetic use especially around the mouth to prevent accidental ingestion of chemicals, lip balm (used coconut oil instead)/deodorants, antiperspirants, perfumes cologne/ use natural shampoo, and many more. This combination of actions will minimize production of toxins in your digestive tract and within the cell.
  • Reduce coffee and alcohol to once a week. Remember that you need to be happy doing this if you are not ready to eliminate alcohol or coffee from your life, just minimize until it no longer has control of your life.

Detoxification Procedures

  • This includes homeopathic remedies, reflexology/acupuncture, massage, thermal chambers (sauna), herbal liver and kidney cleansing formulas, antioxidants, mega vitamin/mineral supplements. Each are beneficial although catered to different individuals needs which should be examined with your health
  • Consider a colon cleansing: Colon cleansings are believed to remove the body of parasites and other toxins that can interfere with digestion and general health.

The good news is that your body is designed to constantly gather up and remove toxins from your cells. Toxins only present a challenge to your health when they accumulate to a point where they interfere with cellular function-we call this state toxicosis.



Cleansing is about feeling revived, contrary to being gruesome …It is about changing your life and rid of or/deal with nuisance in a healthier route, in return it helps build a greater attitude hence measuring your altitude in life.

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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