Getting Free from Chronic Low Back Pain

By: Michael Amendolara, MD

There is an epidemic of chronic low back pain in the United States (and much of western society) despite our advanced medical science and techniques. We are told many ways to prevent low back pain…”lift with your knees, not with your back”, “don’t bend at your waist”, “do core strengthening exercises” and many others. But many of us we still end up with low back pain. And we have many ways to treat back pain. We have anti-inflammatory medications, pain injections, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and even surgery but millions of people continue to suffer from low back pain that either doesn’t go away despite multiple treatments or goes away temporarily but inevitably comes back.

And the pain seriously interferes with our lives. We have difficulty functioning, trouble getting on the ground to play with our kids or grandkids, trouble working. We can’t enjoy our time off of work because our back hurts too much to do the activities we enjoy. It’s very frustrating!

So, why do so many people have persistent or intermittent low back pain despite trying everything to prevent it and treat it? It’s actually a simple but perhaps surprising answer. We are told that the cause of our back pain is something physical like a strained muscle or a bulging disc or even a herniated disc or maybe spinal stenosis or arthritis of the spine. But the truth is that physical or structural abnormality like these are very rarely if ever the cause of our chronic back pain. The real cause of most cases of chronic low back pain is not a physical problem at all! The real cause of the pain is psychological. Stress, tension and especially repressed or buried negative emotions leads to many types of chronic physical pain including low back pain. This goes against what most of us (including most of our doctors) have been taught. But it’s true! It’s very common in our society for people who are otherwise very healthy emotionally to repress uncomfortable emotions like anger, rage or sadness. It’s just not considered acceptable in our society to express these emotions fully so we hold them in. And this very often leads to chronic pain.

The pain in your low back is real and it can be excruciating and it’s definitely a real physical pain but the root cause of the problem is not in your muscles or spine or discs. The actual cause of the problem is the stress, tension and repressed/buried emotions which leads to changes in the physical body which leads to real physical pain. This is why all the different things you’ve tried to prevent or treat back pain haven’t worked – because they’ve all been addressing only the pain and irritation of muscles, nerves or other body tissues but have done nothing to address the root cause of the problem! It’s like pulling out weeds…if you don’t get the root, it will keep coming back. If you don’t treat the root cause of the back pain, it will persist or keep coming back.

This is great news because it’s much easier to learn how to deal with the stress, tension and repressed emotions than it is to fix a disc or arthritis! Using very simple but powerful emotional and mental techniques one can very easily and quickly break the cycle of the emotions leading to physical pain. When you recognize the emotions that are leading to the physical pain, the pain just goes away! And it’s not difficult to do! It doesn’t take years of therapy or psychoanalysis or anything like that. Once one learns some very simple mental/emotional techniques most people with low back pain can get free from months, years or even decades of pain in 1-3 weeks!

This is how we will solve the problem of the chronic low back pain epidemic. Not with medications or surgery or chiropractic adjustments but by addressing the root cause of the pain and approaching the treatment in a way that breaks the cycle of uncomfortable emotions leading to physical pain. This is the real solution.

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