The Healing Power of Permission

By Wendie Colter

As healers, our calling is to help our clients and patients find their best paths to health and wellness. Our modalities, methods and tools may vary widely, as may our personal beliefs and perspectives. However, our foremost priority is the same, whether we come from allopathic, complementary/alternative, psychotherapeutic, or energy medicine traditions. We all seek to help our clients and patients find their optimal paths to health.

Over the course of our practice, we may observe some people’s healing process as slow or difficult, while others make faster, sometimes even miraculous, recoveries. We may notice that some people heal quickly while others seem stuck in their process, no matter what they try. We might begin to wonder what could be blocking a person’s ability to fully heal. As a Medical Intuitive, this question is at the very heart of my work.

One of the main tenets of energetic medicine is the principle that every manifestation of imbalance, illness or disease has a traumatic event at its core. This event may be obvious but often it is deeply hidden from conscious awareness, a result of early life experiences. This trauma energy can manifest in acute or chronic health issues later in life. In my work, I look for a direct line of information and connection between present health issues and life traumas, both emotional and physical. Studies in epigenetics show that we may also inherit significant changes in our genetic makeup from traumas our parents and grandparents experienced. All of these aspects create our “energetic permission levels,” which indicate our ability to maintain or improve health. Our energetic permission levels are the amount of conscious, or unconscious, permission we allow ourselves to heal.

In a Medical Intuitive practice, viewing and evaluating energetic permission levels is a key step in assessing a client’s health concerns. Clients with a low permission level may find themselves making choices that are not congruent with their health care provider’s recommendations. They may not be drawn to modalities or information that may truly help. Low permission levels set up energetic resistance in the body and biofield, which impacts physical and mental health. We can understand most medical issues with evidence-based research and testing, but without an awareness of the underlying traumas that directly affect permission levels, a person may never be fully empowered to heal.

Through the use of Medical Intuition, the original traumatic events are brought to conscious awareness. When these traumatic events are examined, people have the opportunity to deal with and resolve the root causes underlying their current conditions. This allows their permission levels to raise, which allows more opportunities for healing. Medical Intuition also gives the practitioner a truly holistic point of view, which can address issues not only affecting the body, but also the essential connections between body, mind and spirit.

Viewing Permission Levels

In a session, I use Medical Intuitive skills to energetically “see” my client’s permission levels in relation to their health concerns. Their physical body systems, their biofield, and their own inherent guidance provide specific details on the origination point of the current imbalance, why it manifested, and how they can shift towards balance. To view this information, I don’t need prior knowledge of life circumstances or events, nor access to medical tests or diagnoses.  Rather, I am able to intuitively see images of their life traumas and use this information to talk to the client about the origins of blockages and imbalances in their body and biofield.

An example of the long-term effects of low permission levels is a client with a history of back pain and depression. Jerry described the pain as having been there as long as he could remember and had no memory of when it began or of an event that could have caused it. Though he’d found help through surgery, yoga and anti-depressant medication, his energetic permission levels for greater relief looked quite low. Jerry’s spine showed me the extent of the physical damage and impact on his skeletal, nervous and muscular systems. It also showed me a good deal of stored emotional confusion, grief and anger.

I view energetic information as if I’m watching “movies” or pictures from my client’s life. I saw that the injury had occurred when Jerry was a toddler and had fallen off an embankment. When he landed, his back hit the edge of a concrete slab and impacted his spine. Unfortunately, his injury was misunderstood by his family and minimized by doctors. It was left untreated until he was ten years old, at which point the pain was severe enough to keep him from participating in sports at school. His energy showed the emotional effects of his childhood attempts to explain his constant pain and discomfort. Powerful feelings of frustration and fear were being energetically held in his back, which appeared to be a major factor in both his physical condition and his depression.

As I explained to Jerry what his energy was showing me, I observed his permission levels beginning to rise. His energetic systems also suggested options to address pain reduction and inflammation, including some he hadn’t considered. Simply put, his own body and energy held all the information he needed to find a deeper level of acceptance of his chronic issue, and greater permission for healing. Until that point, much of Jerry’s daily energy was being used in resistance to physical pain, which further triggered stored emotional pain, creating a debilitating situation.

Compassionate Neutrality

A key skill in the effective use of Medical Intuition is the practice of energetic neutrality. If a practitioner feels drained or exhausted after seeing clients or patients, it’s very possible that neutrality has been compromised. Without a way to neutralize our own energy, we run the risk of “taking on” other’s emotional information and lowering our own permission levels in the process. There are many tools practitioners can use to enhance neutrality. Some well-known techniques are grounding, meditation and visualizing energetic barriers.

I’ve noticed some confusion in the intuitive community over the concept of neutrality as it pertains to empathy. Many practitioners who identify as intuitive or empathic are often describing the state of clairsentience, a French word meaning, “clear feeling.” I define clairsentience as the ability to feel other people’s emotional information in one’s own emotions or physical body. Though feeling other people’s emotions is a wonderful way to experience compassion and heart-based commonality, I find clairsentience to be a highly unreliable way to use intuition.

Medical Intuition is based in clairvoyance, meaning, “clear seeing.” My definition of clairvoyance is the ability to view energetic information without the use of physical sight. Clairvoyance is an extremely neutral intuitive skill, as it uses visual observation rather than emotional entrainment. Staying both neutral and compassionate when working with energy combines the observant state with ethical integrity.  It creates an ideal healing environment, which provides safety and integrity for both the client and the healer.

Medical Intuition gives practitioners a unique and profound opportunity to assist our clients and patients in creating and maintaining optimum health. By using the ability to see clearly, we are able to help those who are suffering work safely with old traumas and increase their permission levels to find their individual paths to health and well-being.

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