Rethinking Cancer Treatment

by Mauris Emeka

Cancer is commonly thought of as a tumor, and if the tumor is treated and made to go away the patient is then said to be “cancer free”. But in reality, the tumor is only a symptom (or indication) of cancer; the tumor is not “the cancer”. As long as the main focus only on treating tumor symptoms then, regrettably, cancer in all its forms  will continue  to  grow and support a multi-billion dollar cancer treatment industry.

The primary focus needs be on what causes tumors to appear. For instance, think of a fire, and smoke rising from the fire. Swatting away the smoke does not address the problem. Instead, one must deal with  the cause by putting out the fire. Fortunately, it’s possible to put out the fire (i.e.,cancer) by committing oneself to changing how the body is nourished. Extensive studies over many years make it clear that cancer is a malfunctioning (or out of control) process that thrives as a result  of  five main issues, and those issues are as follows:

1.) Toxicity and unhealthy body waste; 2.) Overly acidic body chemistry;

3.) Insufficient amounts of digestive enzymes (especially protein digesting enzymes);

4.) A weakened immune system (often resulting from chronic inflammation and stressful living);

5.) Scarcity of oxygen within the cells of the body (in part due to shallow breathing, lack of physical activity, and consumption of high amounts of refined and cooked foods).

Fortunately, with determination and commitment there is a lot we each can do to help put out the ‘fire’ called  cancer.  For  starters,the following things can be done: consume a  largely  raw  food  plant-based diet, do regular physical exercise, do daily meditation and/or prayer, be forgiving and live with less stress, laugh a lot, breathe deeply (and do it often), drink 8 glasses or more of good water everyday,  and get  proper  rest. It has been demonstrated many times over that these and other important changes in diet and lifestyle make the body a place where the process of cancer is NOT welcomed.

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