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Reprinted with kind permission from The Healing Field: Exceptional Healing Practices to Change Your Life by Penny Price Lavin from iUniverse.


Chapter 6 – The Heart, Mind, And Self-Care (1)


In addition to investigating energy medicine, scientists, like those cited below, are also looking at the heart and mind in new ways.

Previously, many thought that the brain was the most powerful organ in the body, but studies are now showing that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic signal in the body. In fact, its magnetic field is 5,000 times greater then that produced by the brain. Spiritual traditions have long believed that the heart is the central guidance system for the body and mind.


Lynne McTaggart, Consciousness Expert

“There is some very interesting modern evidence about the heart and brain, that backs up

what spiritual masters have been saying for centuries. In modern science we always think that the brain is the main engine of the body and the main antenna for receiving information. But there have been a number of studies demonstrating that actually the heart receives a lot of information earlier then the brain, and even informs the brain.”


Rollin McCraty, PhD., is the author of The Coherent Heart and Director of Research, at the Institute of HeartMath, one of the leading organizations devoted to understanding the physiology of stress and heart-brain interactions.

“The heart and brain are uniquely interconnected. 85% of the nerve pathways between the heart and the brain are carrying the signals from the heart to the brain, instead of the other way around. The heart is sending a neural signal first to the brain, and then you see signals in the brain responding. This happens time and again before a future event and then the brain signals the body in a way that we feel conscious of it. The gut is the last to get its heart brain/ body and conscious awareness.

The heart causes a global synchronization signal that synchronizes the body as a whole that sets the tone and the pace for our whole body. When feeling a strong positive or negative emotion, the hormone system activates a cascade of at least 1,400 biochemical changes. A positive emotion is a very different biochemical pattern from a negative emotion, and this is especially reflected in the rhythm patterns of the heart. When we’re feeling positive emotions like care, appreciation, love, compassion, the heart beats out a very different message than it does if we’re feeling anxious or irritated.  We can begin to understand that feeling upset is really depleting us and literally increasing the aging process. It’s important to become aware that when we are having feelings of being angry or impatient, we can choose to be more patient and positive. It has profound influences on our short and long-term health and well-being.

These fascinating experiments illustrate the wisdom from the world’s great religions and philosophers when they say to ‘sing from your heart, put your heart into it.’ The heart really is the primary source of the more spiritual aspect and wisdom in our lives. New studies are also showing that both the power of our mind and our intentions dramatically affect our health, our consciousness, and our world at large.”


Bruce Lipton, PhD, Cell Biologist

“It’s now been recognized by conventional science that one-third to two-thirds of all healing, be it drug-related or surgery–related is actually due to something called ‘the placebo effect’”


Lynne McTaggart, Consciousness Expert

“Doctors complain about the placebo effect because they say it messes up drug studies, but the placebo effect is probably the most powerful medicine we have. It demonstrates that as far as our bodies and our brains are concerned, we can’t distinguish between a chemical and the thought of a chemical, the thought of a medicine. One of the fascinating aspects about our brain is that it’s a little bit dumb. It’s this marvel but when it comes to action and thought a brain can’t really tell the difference.

One of the most fascinating studies about the placebo effect didn’t have to do with the drug at all but an operation. Researchers took a group of patients with arthritis of the knee and gave two-thirds of them an actual operation and one-third a sham operation. Their knees were cut open but they didn’t do any operation. What they discovered afterward is that all of the patients, whether or not they got the actual operation, reported moderate improvement. However, the group with the best outcomes was the one with patients who only had the sham operation. This is another example of the power of the mind and the power of thought to heal.”


Bruce Lipton, PhD, Cell Biologist

“The significance of these kinds of studies is that consciousness through positive thoughts brings about healing in a body, but negative thoughts are equally powerful. They’ll work in the opposite direction, and that can actually cause illness and death. The power of thinking, the power of consciousness is equally powerful whether we’re thinking positive or negative thoughts.”


Lynne McTaggart, Consciousness Expert

“The extraordinary research that’s available about the power of intention shows that thoughts affect every aspect of our lives. One argument with a spouse can affect your healing for days. If you have a cut, it will heal a lot slower if you have a negative thought. This suggests that we have to become extremely mindful about what we’re thinking and we have to start becoming positive in the way we view the world. We have to realize that what we say and what we think is being heard.

One of the most dangerous things about negative intention is that it’s so unconscious. All of us walk down the street having lots of judgments and negative intention, and they have an effect. Also, our media is very negative and that constant seepage of negative intention is having an effect on every one of us. We are all feeling the effect of negative thoughts just as much as positive ones.”


Bruce Lipton, PhD, Cell Biologist

“The nature of consciousness is very interesting. Our mind really doesn’t listen to dialogue but really focuses on images. For example, if I say to myself, ‘I don’t want cancer’, the mind doesn’t pay attention to the dialogue ‘I don’t want’ but it does have an image of a cancer. So it becomes very important to recognize that we have to focus on what we want and not focus on the things that we don’t want, because the mind will immediately gravitate to the images of the negative things and actually manifest them.

A way to change these beliefs is to consciously convert our negative thoughts to positive images and visions as a correction factor. The more we repeat this process, the more rapidly the subconscious mind will rewrite the limiting and disempowering programs and create more effective positive visions that we can then  manifest.”


Lynne McTaggart, Consciousness Expert

“For several decades, a number of scientists in prestigious universities have been

engaged in studies showing that thoughts can affect everything from bacteria and algae to animals and plants to complicated things such as human beings. This body of evidence is very robust and it certainly points to the fact that thought is a thing in a sense that affects other things.”


Candace Pert, PhD, Neuroscientist

“The pendulum is really swinging in mainstream medicine. Not too long ago everything was thought to be genetic. All we heard about was the genetic causes of cancer when in fact the experts agree that less then 2% of all cancers are genetically linked. It’s now clear that cancer is a disease of environmental toxicity.”


Bruce Lipton, PhD, Cell Biologist

“When children are adopted into families with cancer the adopted child will get the cancer with the same propensity as any other natural sibling, yet the adopted child came from completely different genetics. We acquire our personality, which has our beliefs and emotions in it at a very early age in our development, and this affects our whole being. 

When we look at the physical body and genes and look at the source of illness, we’re really beginning to learn that it’s our perceptions and our beliefs and attitudes about life that control not just our behavior, but our biological expression as well, including genes and activity. As more of us begin to understand this, there will be a change in our healing practices toward more personal responsibility in our health and away from feeling like a victim of biology, genes and chemistry.”


Beverly Rubik, PhD. Biophysicist

“There’s a huge shift going on today in medicine, from the old allopathic biomedical model to a new model that encompasses more of the whole person, body, mind and spirit and is able to deal with our chronic degenerative illnesses today. One of the changes is that enhanced self-care moves to the forefront of the new medicine, that people need to take more self-responsibility for their health and wellness.

We need to understand what’s best for ourselves and take those measures really on a daily basis in terms of what we choose to eat, what we choose to do with our time, what thoughts we choose to think, and even thinking positively about our health makes a big difference in the long run.”


Bruce Lipton, PhD. Cell Biologist

“We now know that genes do not control our traits. It’s our perceptions, beliefs and attitudes about life, which in fact control our genes. Rather then blaming everything on the body, we’re beginning to see that we are primary in shaping our health and therefore we must be primary in bringing health back to our system.” 

With the dramatic rise of environmental toxins and a more stressful world, learning dynamic self-healing practices, mind-body methods, and energy techniques has become increasingly important for maintaining optimum health and balance.


Beverly Rubik, PhD, Biophysicist

“I’ve watched people over the years who practice energy healing and Qigong. All of these energy medicines make substantial changes toward improvement of their health and wellness, their attitude, and improving the health and wellness of those around them.

I see energy medicine changing people one life at a time. This allows them to open toward realizing how powerful their minds really are. They can make the energy shifts in their lives beyond just the flesh, into their personal relationships, into manifesting in the physical world, far beyond the domain of their bodies. This is just the beginning.”

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Penny Price Lavin is an award-winning producer and filmmaker and has worked on Good Morning America, NBC Magazine and many documentaries. She has been practicing energy medicine since 1995 and became an Instructor/Practitioner with One Light Healing Touch,™ where she is committed to helping others learn, heal, and evolve.

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