The Miracle of the Brain

I have recently read a book called change your brain, change your life by Daniel G. Amen M.D.

He talks about the importance of exercise, good nutrition and positive attitude. He mentioned that there are 4 pillars in life which are particularly important to look at, when studying a healthy brain: Biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. But one thing that stuck to me through the whole book, how are society is suffering, sometimes blamed, and penalized for their behaviors, some feel ostracized from society. To frequently, people suffering from depression, anger, irritability, learning disabilities, impulsiveness, or other mental illness is interpreted as willful misconduct, and serious problems arise. When they should be getting treatment…different treatments that they are not aware that exists. One treatment in particularly is called spect (single emission computed tomography).

Spect is a nuclear medicine study that looks at the blood flow and activity which is different of what most people receive when they suffer from ex; depression or anxiety, ADD/ADHD and addiction.

Psychiatrist are forced to make diagnoses like they did in the 1840. When Abraham Lincoln was depressed says Dr D.G Amen, they used tools, talked to them, observed him and looked-for symptom cluster. How they have learned from these symptoms’ clusters such as ADD, anxiety or depression are not single or simple disorders in the brain, and they all have multiple types. They can have essentially the same symptoms, but radically different scans. Ex: someone with depression had low activity & the other had high activity in the brain. The treatment for these 2 cases should be different but, in most cases, only a handful of psychiatrists ever look at the brains of their patients. ACT or MRI scans, which are anatomy studies that look at the brain structure vastly different than a spect.

A thoroughly examination should be considered, there are other options to look forward and better lifestyle choices which can enhance overall healthier brain.

Some natural supplements that I believe everyone can benefit from.

  • Essential fatty acid Epa-Dha: reduce overall inflammation, helps the cognitive
  • Green tea catechins: help protect plasma and lipoproteins from oxidative damage by increasing blood antioxidant
  • PS (phosphatidylserine): help support the growth of the brain, reduce cortisol (stress hormone) and degenerative disease. PS passes through membrane structure.
  • Gaba: helps with anxiety, sleeping disorder and
  • Vit B complex: help to relieve overall

Watch this movie!! it was an eye opener for me. Brain on fire

Quote: Be grateful for whoever comes because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. By Rumi

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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