What is Qigong?

By Jeff Smith – Medical Qigong Practitioner & Teacher

What is Qi?

“Qi” (also spelled “Chi”) is the general Chinese term for our life energy. Qi animates matter, infusing it with life. It not only permeates the empty spaces between material objects, it is part of their composition. This life energy can be broken down into three frequencies known as Jing, Qi, and Shen. Jing, focused in the lower tan tien of the abdomen is the densest of these frequencies and is the energy which supports and sustains the physical body. Qi, focused in the middle tan tien in the area of the heart is the energy that composes our emotional etheric body and our meridian system. This frequency can feel very fluid. Shen, located in the upper tan tien in the area of the head, is the frequency of pure light and imbued with the energy of Spirit. These three frequencies of qi must function and be cultivated together as a unit and cannot be separated. Our physical body, much like a Russian doll resides in the center and inside our energy bodies which all operate like a hologram and must be addressed with a holistic approach for healing to occur.

Ultimately, no where in the foreseeable future will I adequately be able to explain to you the intricacies of what Qi actually is by using words; its a meaningless pursuit. The best that I can hope for, is to teach you the tools and meditative practices so that you can experience what Qi is for yourself. It must be experienced to be understood.

What is Qigong?

Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung/Chi Gong) translates to mean the practiced study and skill of balancing, harmonizing, and deepening our connection with the essence of life. The heart and soul of classical qigong has a very esoteric, shamanistic quality to it and is based on the classics of Taoist philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Native American traditions. Qigong practice at its core is learning to live a life that is aware, relaxed, and in balance. It is the practice and development of one’s inner vertical pole with heaven and earth while holding center; and the devotion, gratitude, love, and compassion that naturally arise out of this relationship.

Qigong practice is any process that effects the energy body directly as a whole. At a physical level (jing), this would involve a diet that is healthy, nutritious and well balanced. Qigong uses still and moving meditation which focuses on circulating and generating qi through intention, breath, and body posture, along with receiving regular to periodic assessment, and energetic treatment from a healing practitioner. At a mental level (shen), a core focus within qigong is in addressing the unconscious beliefs about our self and the world that we hold in each of our 5 elements within our energy field that are fixed and lacking in all the information. These fixed beliefs operate like programmed tape loops beneath the surface of our awareness, repeating themselves over, and over, throughout many areas of our life. This dynamic will create leaks in our field, preventing us from fully expressing the gift of who we are and aligning with what would be the most supportive and bring our soul the greatest joy. When qigong is practiced in this holistic way, healing and growth can happen very quickly!​

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