BRAZIL – Yoga, Surf, Healing, Adventure & Nature Immersion

BRAZIL – Yoga, Surf, Healing, Adventure & Nature Immersion

Terra Brasilis Retreats offers unique immersions and retreat of yoga, surf, healing therapies, and local excursions in Brazil.

Far more than just yoga retreats, our ecological and healing immersions bring you into the “lungs of the planet”- the heart of the Brazilian Amazonian and Coastal Atlantic Rainforests- so you not only have an opportunity to connect with yourself, but with the bounty of Brazil’s undefiled nature.


  • Daily meditation
  • Daily Asana yoga practices
  • 2 shamanic ayahuasca group healing circles
  • Socio-cultural immersion in ethnic communities
  • 4 guided adventure tours in nature
  • 3 daily delicious healthy meals
  • 7 nights’ accommodation

Article produced by a travel journalist and participant of latest retreat in March, 2017:

On this yoga retreat, you will enjoy yoga, surf, shamanic therapies, adventurous activities, and nature immersion. The retreat is designed for all levels of practitioners.

In the morning, you will practice yoga and surf while immersing yourself in the vibrant natural environment of forests. You will also enjoy trekking in a region of great natural beauty and the unspoiled warm waters of the beaches, spend the day exploring nature, and visit pristine waterfalls, rural, indigenous, and ethnic communities.

In the afternoon, you will immerse in socio-cultural excursions to local villages and sites and tour the Historic town of Paraty, a fascinating small Portuguese colonial town, which is free of cars with charming cobbled streets, 17th and 18th-century buildings, and a picture of perfect beaches and mountains.

In the evening, you will immerse yourself in shamanic group plant medicine healing therapies to finish the day with a rich blend of experiences of the local foods, culture, and beauty found in this area.

The Shamanic healing therapy will be conducted by a trusted source shaman. The shaman is a native Amazonian born Brazilian. The therapies will be ministered in Brazilian Portuguese, the Indigenous language. An English translator will be available during the therapy in case the assistance of a native interpreter is needed. There is limited space due to the nature, depth, and length of the treatments.

Socio-culture immersion

There is an incredible ethnic and cultural diversity of indigenous, Quilombolas, rural, maroon, and “caiçara” communities. Lunch will be arranged in these communities to lead you to an immersion in this unique coastal culture and allow you to have an incredible interaction with the villagers.

Included excursions 

  • Day tour to Paraty City

You will have a tour to this coastal historical village to visit its historic center and and enjoy afternoon shopping.

  • Expedition to Fazenda Beach

On this beach, you can choose to add on activities such as surf or stand up paddle (please choose package that best suits you) depending on swell conditions.

  • Half-day guided trekking to the 15-meter high Tombador waterfall

This waterfall trekking will take 6 kilometers or 3.73 miles round trip, passing rural communities and manioc and banana plantations. The hike until the waterfall will start at Ubatumirim river for about 3 kilometers of hike in an open trail inside the banana trees. During the trekking, you will see a thick forest, agro forestry yards, and streams with red colors where you can swim.

  • Socio-cultural visit to “Casa da Farinha”

“Casa da Farinha” is a flour mill at the Fazenda beach hinterland village.

  • Waterfall and socio-cultural visit to Quilombo do Campinho

Quilombo do Campinho is a community descendant of African slaves, organized in the nineteenth century with matriarchal organization. You will enjoy a tour to know their history, arts, culture, and gastronomy sites, which will then be followed by lunch on site.

  • Aguapé tour (2 kilometers hiking by the river shore, walking an easy tour)
  • Trekking from Igarapes river trail to the beach
  • Trekking from Jatoba trail into Primary Atlantic Rainforest