Cathy Hazel Adams, Energetic Transformation and Healing

Cathy Hazel Adams, Energetic Transformation and Healing
Helping Clients Around The The World
Remote sessions by Phone, Skype or Zoom
Tampa, Florida
United States
Holistic Therapy
Akashic Records, Color Therapy, Distance Healing, EFT/TFT, Energy Clearing, Energy Healing, Guided Imagery, Life Coaching, Matrix Energetics, Medical Intuitive, Meditation, Metaphysics, Psychic, Remote Healing, Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Counseling

Clairvoyant Quantum, Multidimensional Energetic Transformation & Healing; Matrix Energetics® Certified Practitioner; Energetic Life Coach; Mentor, Teacher, and Conscious Co-Creation Specialist.

In her heart-based sessions, Cathy has helped clients, across the country and around the world, manifest more health, happiness, success & abundance in their lives. Learn how her sessions work...

"It is possible to shift focus to another synchronized plane, and as we do it becomes our reality. This is one of the great lessons of the adepts [light workers/energy healers]." - Claude Swanson, Ph.D., Life Force, The Scientific Basis

Whether or not we are aware of it, we are all multidimensional vibrational beings, with all of our nearly infinite possibilities of storyline and experience available to us, now, in a sort of infinite present (physics calls this the quantum vacuum field of possibility/probability). In our sessions, I clairvoyantly see where you are vibrating with patterns of thought and emotion that are keeping you stuck in a state of pain, struggle, self-denial, depression, anxiety, etc. and, guided by your higher, Source self, I help you align with the healthiest, happiest, best possible version of you, living your best possible life.

It might help you to think of radio waves and stations: All the radio frequencies in your area of the country are actually present in the room with you, but to access the station you want to listen to, you have to tune your receiver to the desired frequency. In sessions I become your clairvoyant radio receiver and tuner: I see where you have been tuned into an unpleasant station, filled with static and bleed throughs of other music you don't even like. By shifting my focus to where you are vibrating in the happiest, healthiest version of you, I help you move your tuner to the clear, custom-tailored station that is perfect for you.

Our sessions happen energetically, outside of space-time, so they are just as effective done remotely as if they were done in person. They always involve clairvoyant perceptions of your deeply held ideas, attitudes, beliefs and expectations about yourself, and a clearing of any energetic ideas that are obstructing your healthiest, happiest, true, authentic flow. The sessions are multi-level in that I help you "re-tune" your station at all energetic levels: If you have a disease and/or structural or chemical imbalance, we may very well make corrections at the energetic holograph level, even at the DNA level, but we'll also find those deeply held under-patterns that are showing up in your body as illness and pain. If needed, we may make alterations in the energetic dynamics of family relationships, or roles you've taken on that are no longer authentic to you.

I have a virtually infinite "tool chest" of modalities to draw upon (which are road maps to help practitioners follow energetic change) - from DNA correction, to chakra clearing and balancing, to electron spin and vortex healing, to universal healing frequencies, to time travel, and the infusion of elemental energies, etc. But every single session is different, and I follow the information in your new, better "station" live, real-time, and in whatever way it appears in the moment. I find that the longer I do this work, the more I go directly to the energetic sources involved. I have helped hundreds of clients, all over the country and around the world, change their health, and their lives, for the better. I look forward to helping you change your situation, and your "history" going forward!


"I struggled with chronic pelvic pain for 14 years from endometriosis and PCOS and it was progressively getting worse. I was in pain for the majority of my cycle and was looking for help! ... It has been just over 4 weeks since I've seen her and my pelvic pain has been nonexistent!! Who knew that one hour with Cathy could be so life changing. Not only have I been without pain (a huge, definite change), I have been experiencing...positive changes on my life path." - BL