Lost Remedy – CBD-infused health and beauty products

Lost Remedy – CBD-infused health and beauty products

Lost Remedy uses certified organic hemp-derived CBD oil in all of our health and beauty products. When used topically, CBD oil has been seen as useful for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. But even more important, CBD oil has the unique ability to help individuals more efficiently receive the maximum benefit of each healing component by activating the endocannabinoid receptor system present in the human body.

Products offered include: Skin Replenishing Lotion, Renewal Complexion Treatment, Burn Formula, Nerve Pain Relief, Joint & Muscle Relief, Arthritis Salve and First Aid Balm


“My patient is a 59-year-old female recently diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. She began radiation treatment two weeks ago and the oncologist and radiologist are in awe of the fact that she does not even display a slight ‘sunburn’ after numerous sessions. This is a direct result of the Burn Formula she has been applying after every radiation treatment. To say the least she, the patient, is delighted and you now have a very satisfied customer.”

— Dr. Michael D. Nelson, Wisc.

“On a weekend getaway, my small dog was bit by a large dog. The bite punctured her ear. Once the bleeding stopped, we put First Aid Balm on it, once in the evening and again in the morning. Often dog bites can become infected, that was my primary concern. No infection, and it healed quickly. That’s when I became a believer and purchased some of my own! It came in handy! I had a mosquito bite on my arm that I must have been scratching in my sleep. It was becoming quite red and just wouldn’t heal. I applied the first aid balm twice a day for two days. Healed! Shortly thereafter, my daughter was bit by a dog while running! It was a nasty, bruised bite with two puncture holes. I took the First Aid Balm over immediately. The wounds did not get infected, and healed quite nicely!”

— Debbie B., St. Louis Park, Minn.

“I’ve been using the burn cream on my daughter’s third-degree burns that she sustained falling into a fire on a family camping trip. The burns had been there for weeks and weren’t healing. I started using the cream, and three days later the red spots completely disappeared.The margins of the burn have shrunk considerably with continued use and the colouring of the skin has returned to normal much faster than usual. The cream is also very moisturising, which has really helped the tight, itchy feeling that was exacerbated by the burns being over joints. Our doctor was impressed with how well everything is healing. I LOVE this stuff and highly recommend it. ”

— Julie W., Adelaide, South Australia

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“As a chronic pain sufferer for decades I’m always on the lookout for something that can help. I’m also quite skeptical since few things deliver on their promise. Lost Remedy’s Joint & Muscle Relief creme DOES deliver though. I’ve been using it for several months now for localized relief with some recurring problem areas. I recommend it. As a matter of fact, I’ve already got several family members and friends using it too. I’d also like to point out what a great experience I’ve had communicating with Lost Remedy. This is a business that takes its commitment to those they serve seriously”

— Barry M. Twin Cites, MN