Chemical-Free Life

Chemical-Free Life
Dr. Pamela C Frank
Chemical-Free Consulting by Telephone
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
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Addiction Treatments, Allergy Treatments, Distance Healing, Life Coaching, Nutrition, Remote Healing

Science-based programs walk you through the process of discovering which specific additives are the most problematic for you personally,  where they are hiding, & teach you easy, practical strategies for living a life with cleaner, better solutions.

Three Different Consulting-Coaching Programs to Choose From:

1-Chemical-Free Life Cycle Program (‘Chemical-Free Mothers-to-Be’ ; 'Chemical-Free Kids' ; Chemical-Free Seniors Wellness Program)

2-Chemical-Free Wellness Program (Scientifically-based preventive care system developed to uncover which synthetic chemicals in your food, personal care, and household products hold the potential to be the most problematic for you personally as you age)

3-Chemical-Free Recovery Program (Science-based programs for recovery from diet and lifestyle exposure to chemicals of concern. Programs include a personalized diagnostic assessment, weekly private, one-on-one telephone consultation sessions and access to “life line” calls, and a recovery kit that includes a condition-specific diet and lifestyle prescription for success)

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Dr. Frank is the author of The Food Hacker's Handbook: A Guide to Breaking the Processed Foods and Additives Addiction

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