Conversations with Crows

A Divinely Inspired Conversation about Living Consciously

About the Book: Divinely inspired from start to finish, Conversations with Crows speaks to you in a way that allows you to see, and then release the “should” of life by unraveling the veil of distortion that keeps us disconnected from ourselves. My father, (whom I always called Fred), communicates to me through crows since his transition a few years ago. I have considered it a blessing and an extremely meaningful way for him to connect with me. Like a divinely guided reminder of how connected I am to him and this amazing journey. Or so I thought. It wasn’t until crows started showing up every day that I began to pay attention differently: and even then, I didn’t really listen. It took a murder of crows attempting to walk in my back door to get my focused and undivided attention.

About the Author: A proponent of alternative medicine. Tracey is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Light Bringer, member of a monastery, energy healer and sought-after publisher/consultant.