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I want to help you with a different attitude and a lifestyle change that will last forever.  Quit the crazy fad diets and let us help you get healthy the natural way.  Are you tired of being sick, taking drugs, and destroying your health?  The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul and complete health can only be obtained through good nutritional habits.  The real problem in this country is the average American family is not educated on proper diet and nutritional habits.  We must teach people that you cannot get well with pharmaceutical drugs.  They are bad for the system and your body will do everything it can to reject them.  If you are sick or have any type of disease, you are not deficient in a drug, you are mineral deficient.  There are 22 minerals we need on a daily basis for proper health, if you are deficient in one of these minerals, you can develop up to ten major diseases. Yes, ten different types of diseases may exist from just one mineral deficiency.  Every one dies from a mineral deficiency not a drug deficiency.  In order to be healthy and stay healthy, you must follow the dietary laws that God has set forth for you,  it's all in the Bible people. Why do you think so many people in this country are sick and have cancer?  Just look around, how many people do you know that are really in truly healthy?

If you are sick and tired of doctor shopping and can't get well, then look no further,  you are looking at the healthiest doctor in this country and I can help you and your family, I Guarantee it!  Order my book "The Nutrition Factor" by calling our office and get started today, or if you want us to custom design a nutritional plan and customized supplement program for you, just give us a call and get on the right track to a healthier body.   Remember God is in charge, obey his dietary laws and he will take care of you.

We are really excited about our TV show LIFEGUARD TV which can be found on our YouTube channel, Dr. Jimmy Steger/Lifeguard TV.


This show will open your eyes and help you with all your Nutrition and Training so you can be at the top of your game regardless of your needs.

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God Bless and Stay Healthy !

Dr. Jimmy Steger