Energy Alchemy and the Equine Alchemist

Energy Alchemy and the Equine Alchemist
Deby Estel
Remote Energy Work and Holistic Wellness
Joshua Tree, California 92252
United States
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Acupressure, Animal Communicator, Animal Health, Aromatherapy, Astrological Counseling, BioEnergetic Medicine, Channeling, Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Distance Healing, Ear Coning, EFT/TFT, Emotion Code, Energy Clearing, Energy Healing, Flower Essences, Herbology, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Magnetic Therapy, Medical Intuitive, Metaphysics, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Past Life Regression, Remote Healing, Sound Therapy, The Healing Codes

All Energy Alchemy sessions are done remotely worldwide. Animals and humans both benefit from balancing the body’s energy fields. Current science shows that our DNA has coding that influences our physical, mental, and spiritual well being. By connecting to this coding, the facilitator is able to assist the body in balancing gene expressions to bring positiveness into ones life.

Everything on the planet has an energy frequency…plants, animals, man, the earth itself. Over time, people and animals as a whole have been removed from their natural environments.

This has altered our entire spirit by lowering the vibration of our energy field and causing energetic imbalances. Distortions in the flow of energy affect the human body and animals by altering ones’ physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Having the ability to connect to the body energetically, I am able to release trapped and inherited emotions, correct energetic imbalances in body systems, and send balancing frequencies helping you to attain endless possibilities for your heart, body, mind, spirit, and soul.