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Health Care Providers – inquire about special pricing!  We are committed to supporting our health care providers as they work with their patients by providing cutting edge quality products that go beyond the mainstream dietary supplements to address their needs.


“I have been taking the Heart Plus Detox Formula for many years.  I used to experience a handful of hair falling out when I shampooed my hair.  After taking the detox for 30 days, my hair started growing again as did my nails.  I now have much thicker hair and even my hairdresser has noticed the difference.  In addition, my blood work for my annual check-ups is back to normal levels”

–  Barbie M., Texas

“I am a veteran of the Vietnam War, and I visit the VA once a year for my annual checkup.  When the doctor told me that all my numbers were out of whack, I didn’t want to take any prescriptions, so I went looking for IV Chelation since my dad used to do it.  After a few visits, my numbers were back to normal.  I thought I could keep up my lifestyle of partying, but my numbers again were out of whack.  My VA doctors wanted to put me on all kinds of medicine, but I wanted to do something different. Since all the doctors who did IV Chelation had left the area, I had to find something else.  After much research, I found Extended Health’s Heart Plus Detox Formula. At the next visit to the VA, my doctor was astonished.  She asked me how I was able to get my numbers back to normal and told me there were better than when I first started seeing her. I have found that Extended Health’s Heart Plus Detox Formula works just as good as the IV Chelation I had been doing and even better.  I am on a small dose of blood pressure medicine and this particular medicine causes me to accumulate fluid in my lungs, but as long as I take the Heart Plus Detox Formula, I don’t get that build up in my lungs”

-John C., Texas

“I started taking the Heart Plus Detox Formula as a preventative against clogged arteries.  I was also diagnosed with having a few spots of black mold in my body.  After six months of taking the Heart Plus Detox, I went for my routine heart examination and had many medical tests done.  The doctors could not find anything of significance except a little plaque in one artery which they removed.  My cardiologist was so impressed with the process I used, that he is now in a study with Duke University about it.”

-Jimmy Duane Ross