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Terri Beim, ND
4201 Bee Cave Road, Suite B112
West Lake Hills, Texas 78746
United States
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Blood Chemistry Analysis, Functional Medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition

Terri Beim is a Naturopathic and holistic Healthcare Practitioner with 20 years experience. She is first and foremost an educator, spending an extensive amount of time with each person on their particular body chemistry, toxic load, diet, lifestyle, and their unique health challenges. She is then able to offer effective protocols as well as the necessary patient education to help achieve success.

Have you developed vague, chronic problems that you can't put your finger on? Are more tired, achy and irritable? Have you gained weight that won't come off no matter what you try? Are you having stomach issues such as GI upset, constipation, heartburn, or just uncomfortable bloating?

You may have developed a sensitivity to specific foods that are common in your diet. These sensitivities can cause symptoms and problems with your health that your doctor may not be able to figure out because most do not look at food as a potential cause of their patients symptoms. Utilizing a simple blood test that requires only a single vial of blood, your food sensitivities can be identified and a personalized diet can be developed for you based on these results.