Gr8self Life Coaching

Gr8self Life Coaching
Christine Losciale-Thoemmes BS, MA, CPC
821 Park St Unit A
Castle Rock, Colorado 80109
United States
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Gr8self Life Coaching: Christine Losciale-Thoemmes BS. MA. CPC
Helping clients to: Find solutions, Change habits, and Achieve goals!
Sessions can be done in person or remotely. Affordable pricing. Call Christine today for your FREE consultation!

With the professional guidance of a Life Coach we can learn how to find out which areas in our lives are lacking right now, and which areas need more of our attention. As we learn to prioritize our needs and wants, releasing what no longer serves us, we can create and follow a plan of action to make the necessary changes in our lives so that we can move forward while finding greater peace. It is here we find a sense of balance. This invites well-being and overall happiness in our path to success.
Christine is an experienced and Certified Professional Coach holding a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling and a Master’s degree in Psychology. She helps clients overcome obstacles, set and attain personal and financial goals, leading to empowerment and success. She works with individuals and couples in areas such as:
Stress Management; Coping Skills; Careers; Communication; Life Transitions; Relationships; Health & Wellness; Work/Life Balance; Parenting; Goal Setting; Confidence building, and Motivation.


“This is a wonderful service! Christine is a very knowledgeable and friendly Life Coach. I went to see Christine to help me through a transition in my life and she was a HUGE help! She is very skilled and easy to talk to and she gives you homework to allow you to sort out your own issues. It has been a remarkable improvement on my focus in my life, helped me learn new coping skills, to teach me a better way of controlling my life and has made a very meaningful impact. I recommend her to anyone!” Jason F.

“Christine was absolutely amazing and helped me through one of my toughest times in my life, I don’t know what I would have done without her help!” Sarah F.

“Christine is amazing, and so patient and helpful! She’s always readily available when you need her.” Mara M.

“Christine is absolutely wonderful!!! She is caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable and truly cares for her clients. I loved meeting with her and getting more direction and action steps for where I’m currently at in my life. I highly recommend her, she’s incredible!” Chelsea H.
“I loved my conversations with Christine! She is the unique combination of a coach and counselor who helped broaden my perspective. Thanks to our sessions, I had a safe place to express my desires, grow my vision, and approach my situation with a better sense of clarity and optimism. I would recommend anyone seeking to conquer life goals in her direction!” Megan G.

“Christine really helped me make some important life decisions I was struggling with. She was kind, caring, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck and needs some guidance and support” F.H.

“Christine is so wonderful to talk with! She is authentic and genuine. She has great insights and is truly helpful.” Julie M.

“I came to Christine when I was going through a very challenging life transition. I didn’t know where to begin. She made me feel very comfortable and was super supportive and encouraging. She helped me to identify and achieve the goals I wanted to pursue, both personally and professionally. She helped me figure out the next step in my life and how to get there! I owe her a tremendous amount of gratitude and respect. I f you are ever in need of some direction or support this is who you want to have in your corner!!” Victoria S.

“Five stars for Christine! Thank you so much!!! Every session had meaning and value. This was a life changing experience.” M.S.

“Christine is a wonderful and positive influence in my life and really helped me to find my inspiration and motivation”. Tyler S.

Christine is currently accepting new clients either remotely, or in person at her Castle Rock office:
Gr8self Life Coaching
821 Park St. Unit A. Castle Rock, Colorado 80109
Average cost is $70 per session. Call today for your FREE consultation! 720-206-4625

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