Healing from the Heart

Healing from the Heart
Kathie Lipinski, RN, MSN, RMT, CH
Holistic Nurse
Nesconset, New York
United States

As a wholistic nurse, my work is about bringing people back into “wholeness”—empowering them to balance and heal their lives. I believe that everything we need is already within us and that various “tools” or healing techniques such as Reiki and hypnosis, can help one to access that inner wisdom and harness the power of the body-mind.

The body and the mind constantly communicate with each other. Every thought we have, every idea, every belief has an effect on our body. Every sensation we experience has an effect on our mind. Thoughts and ideas are chemically transmitted to the rest of our body. By simply changing our thoughts or beliefs, we can bring about changes in our lives and our bodies.

Kathie Lipinski, RN RMT also offers Reiki classes Beg. to Adv. Levels

Energy Healing, Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki