In-home Vitamin D test kit

In-home Vitamin D test kit

The Vitamin D Council in-home vitamin D test kit is affordable, convenient and easy to complete. With a slight finger prick and a few drops of blood, you can become aware of your vitamin D status from the comfort of your own home. The Vitamin D Council has partnered with Heartland Assays to bring the best home-testing solution on the market in the United States. The Vitamin D Council in-home vitamin D test kit can be used to measure vitamin D levels in both adults and children.

Each test kit is designed for a single analysis of 25(OH)D levels and includes a blood spot card with ID number, 2 lancets, alcohol prep pad, sterile gauze pad, bandage, return shipping label and envelope. Our in-home vitamin D test measures vitamin D levels using LC/MS/MS, the gold standard in serum vitamin D testing. To maximize the accuracy of the results, please follow the directions provided with the kit as closely as possible.

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