Individualized Instruction in Mindfulness, Meditation, Laughter Yoga

Individualized Instruction in Mindfulness, Meditation, Laughter Yoga
Instruction via Telephone sessions

Experienced health care professional/trainer offers various services, including individualized TELEPHONE instruction in:

(1) Mindfulness

(2) Meditation

(3) Laughter Yoga

Personalized for YOU and tailored to YOUR needs. Includes printed material, practice sessions, understanding benefits, science, challenges and developing an effective practice.

Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation include:

~ Rewiring your brain and improved brain function

~ Stimulating your mind-body relaxation response, reducing stress, allowing renewal

~ Being more aware and alert during your daily and routine experiences

~ Boosting your immune system, emotional regulation, self-control, overall health

~ Effectively dealing with stress, pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD.


Benefits of Laughter Yoga include:

~ Relaxing your mind and body for more joyful living

~ Reducing your levels of stress, stress hormones and pain

~ Increasing your health-enhancing hormones, antibodies, immune system function, cardiovascular function

~ Experiencing physical-mental-emotional release.


Fees for Individual Instruction in Mindfulness, or Meditation, Or Laughter Yoga:

$85 per session, with discount to $300 for 4-session package, and $550 for 8-session package.

Please contact me at 630.263.8888 (text or phone) or email to schedule a FREE 15-minute phone chat.