Dr. Petra Eggert, DC, PT
21020 Homestead Rd, Suite 2
Cupertino, California 95014
United States
Acupressure, Acupuncture, Biofeedback, Chiropractors, Laser Therapy, Light Therapy, Lymphatic Therapy, Massage Therapy, MicroCurrent, Nutrition, Physical/Exercise Therapy, Shiatsu, Thermography, Yoga

At IntraHealth, we believe in a unified approach to health. Our health professionals work with our patients in making and implementing healthy choices. Together, we address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of individuals. Our logo reflects our philosophy – it symbolizes unity, integration, and wholeness – key realities of health.


For more than 20 years I have seen several chiropractors and undergone numerous physical therapy treatments. Others have failed to provide a treatment that alleviates my chronic tightness and spasms. Under Dr. Eggert’s care, I have improved greatly. – Karen G.

Prior to coming to IntraHealth, I’ve had impaired eye-sight with a strong prescription and high blood pressure. After attending IntraHealth for 6 months, my eye sight has improved dramatically where I only need to wear one contact on my right eye, and no contact for my left eye. My blood pressure has come down to acceptable levels where I no longer need to take blood pressure medication. Also, I am now able to balance myself on one foot, while prior to that, I was not able to maintain a balance while standing on my right foot. Dr. Eggert has done an excellent job. – Ken C.

When I first came in, I had lost of pain in the neck and lower back. I was also bent over and not walking straight. I could not go on long walks and was tired all the time. Shortly after getting Dr. Eggert’s treatment (and the massage therapy) I started noticing the pain lessening. I was not as stiff in the morning and felt more energy during the day. I am a 70 year old woman and after the treatments and exercises I do at home (especially the roller for my posture), I find I stand much taller and feel much younger. My children and friends have noticed a huge change in my attitude and energy. – Bonnie H.

Before I started with Intrahealth, I had weakly migraines—my head never felt clear. My neck was so stiff on the right side. I spent most of my day trying to relieve the pain during my everyday duties. Now, the headaches are less and faster to get rid of. Neck tightness has been greatly reduced to relieve the pain. My head feels clear, no dizziness and I feel ‘whole’ again after years of suffering. My back feels straight and I feel no pain and centered. This is the best chiropractic care I have had since a car accident 17 years ago. They have the kindest staff, who is attentive to my needs. They really care for their patients. IntraHealth have extended their kindness to me in way I am so grateful for. Words can never say how appreciative I am for all they have done. I have referred my daughter and friends. – Laura H.