Lemurian Plug – an Affordable EMF Defense Solution

Lemurian Plug – an Affordable EMF Defense Solution

Lemurian Plug - an Affordable EMF Defense SolutionThe Lemurian Plug has been reported by users to hold and emit positive frequencies while defending against negative EMFs. Positive energy transforms cellular phones which then have been used to enhance food while neutralizing toxins.

People sensitive to energy fields can feel the difference as soon as they come into The Plug’s range and experience an improved sense of well being. Many have seen improvements in their electric bills, plants, in home dust, sleep quality and pest control.


Laura, California

Our dog has dramatically improved.  She can walk (she has to climb up and down 28 stairs) and has more energy and sleeps soundly.  Prior to this we had to assist her getting up the stairs and she was restless and not sleeping well.

Allan, Ontario Canada

Within 24 hrs of getting my plug my chest pain went away. Another 24 hrs and many of the aches in pain in my body disappeared.

Rhonda, Adelaide, South Australia

Hello, I want to tell everyone the success story of our gorgeous, elderly Golden Retriever. She hurt her back at least 3 years ago and ended up with very painful arthritis and a distinct bump on her spine. I had her on many different supplements and took her to an animal chiropractor. Nothing seemed to help very much. After about 2 days of her bathing in the plugs energies, she woke up the next morning and, I kid you not, the bump was GONE on her spine and her walking gait was pretty much back to normal. She used to sort of drag her hind leg behind her, and I could see the pain in her eyes. Now this morning something very small caught her eye. This is very unusual because she has cataracts. So I checked in her eyes and I am almost positive the cataracts are dissolving! I asked my husband and he thinks her eyesight is improving also. Just amazing! I am so happy for my big girl. I honestly thought she wasn’t long for this world but now, with this new lease on life, she could be with us for a good long time. THANK YOU so much for this plug! I must say we too have benefited in a number of ways with the plugs energies. My knees which used to be painful, stiff and clunky are much better. I am hoping it will help bring down my blood glucose numbers in the coming weeks too.

Alain from Belgium

Hey Geoff, we received the plugs on aug 30. Now, 9 days later, I send u this mail to thank u ( and our Lemurian family) for sharing this technology with the world. There is a deep serene feeling in the house and this is also confirmed by my beloved cat who practically constantly snores, so grateful she is as well. I go earlier to bed and sleep like a rose and so does my sister to whom I gave the second Plug. Amazing is that there is almost no more dust in the house! And on top of all that, the Plug certainly facilitates communication with the Realms of Light. God bless u all for the crystal work! We will pass the word to those who are receptive!

Sigbjørn from Norway

I just ordered a second Plug. I’m very happy with the one I bought a few weeks back. It’s amazing what it has done for me, although I use NO converter, yet. The most spectacular results on many levels. Believe me when I say I’ve tried a lot during my life…this plug out date it all and some more…much more. Thanks for sharing this amazing tech. device to humanity. I’ve already suggested it to two others and plan to spread it much further. Thanks again. Blessings to you all!

Donna from Nova Scotia Canada

I received the plug several months ago and I have noticed after a few days of using the plug that my husband, who I believe had sleep apnea, was breathing regularly. It has remained that way to this day. Also we had an ant problem and I have noticed dead ants along our baseboards as well other tiny bugs. I did not use any pesticides this year. Thank you very much for this plug Donna

Mary Jean from Charlotte NC

I love my Plug. The energy in my home is so peaceful, the dust is minimal and lays on furniture rather than flying around in the air, and my electric bill is lower- even after the heat wave ! Thank You for all you are doing to get this product out there.

Era from Sweden writes

Plug has been connected for one week, less dust, happy plants. I have arthritis in my fingers and they are much less stiff. Big differences. Thank you so much!

Harst from Ontario Canada

Our testing confirms a change in energy around – I personally felt and feel an emotional uplift – lighter, happier. I have shown it to our alternate health practitioner and her testing also confirmed the positive change and it will be of benefit to everyone (100%).

Jasmine writes

I have not slept this good in years!!!!!

Ron, Medford OR

On a scale of 1 to 1000, (1 being lowest) my household energy went from 198 to 1000…(!).and.as a test I brought commercially sprayed strawberries-the most toxic- and some canned food inside. both read toxic (counterclockwise spin) and both were toxin free within 10 minutes. This is the elimination of all toxicity..for (30bucks!…Thank You Geoffrey)….and the immediate boost in well-being is already worth it, imo. I will say this.. getting  well involves the clearing out from your body of old stuff…so I went through some flu-like symptoms for a few days.. and now I find my energy is really sailing.. .personally I don’t care as much about elec bill savings as much as Being WELL, but, hey , money saving is very welcome, too ! I hope this helps…and would say, Yes Get One… I left one in my parent’s home and my sister’s home.. my dad’s an engineer and would want to know how it works…(!)… so I just plugged it in a backroom, haha, (what am I gonna say? it’s a golden field generator of Lemurian invention? I’m getting reports he’s sleeping Much Better these days and his sense of humor has returned (less pain)….(Smile) and I like knowing their commercial food is being cleared for them. Peace Out!..

Denise, Spanish Fork Utah

I have had one plug in my home and can feel the soothing effect.

Bill from Iowa

Subject plant growth

Message Think this will interest you. I have had a Christmas cactus for three years. NO LEAF GROWTH through the season but flowering at Christmas. I placed my ‘plugged’ cell phone against the plant pot for a half hour or so 2 weeks ago. Now surprisingly I have new leaves coming out. And outrageously it has a flower bud growing 6 months out of season. Have never seen anything like it. Quite a product you are selling. Thanks Bill

Klementine from Germany

Dear Sir, thank you for your service. I did apply the plug as requested and can feel the working of the energy in my phone already after one day. I had great trouble through e-smog before, so many thanks from the heart.

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