Lift Your Spirit

Lift Your Spirit
Donna Joyce
Sessions available via Skype or WhatsApp
New York, New York
United States
Select Holistic Therapy: Distance Healing, Energy Clearing, Energy Healing, Meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Remote Healing, Theta Healing

Are you ready to experience more love, joy, harmony and abundance in your life?

Lift Your Spirit with Donna Joyce, offers you the most advanced Transformational Healing techniques Powerful Divine Healing for Yourself, Situations, Spaces, and More!

Throughout 18 years of experience working with Vortex Healing techniques, Donna has mastered the use of many of the highest level tools and she customizes each healing session to fit your needs by focusing specifically on what you want to work on.One of the tools is Manifest Intention With MI, you are accessing Divine intention as it arises into creation, impacting everything in creation in both the bigger picture and locally. Another powerful tool is DIVINE DOORS. Divine Doors are very powerful and can clear up the deeply seated conditioning that causes physical ailments and disease. Divine Doors are also effective at healing emotional issues or trauma.

What makes them so powerful is their ability to clear out the conditioning that is imprinted in the vital web of your energetic system.

MANIFEST INTENTION and DIVINE DOORS open divine consciousness gateways to release energetic blocks that hold you back from your true potential. They are sourced from divine energy and the result is not only relaxation and harmonization but also revitalization and evolution to help you awaken to your true nature. This healing works rapidly can clear people, pets, houses , and space, businesses, shops, Divine Doors can be done at a distance on a person , house , place or business.

Most sessions include:

•Energetically clearing, healing and transforming stories which form the basis of our belief systems and often keep us stuck.

•Transforming the identities and relationships to the stories.

•Clearing of the choice points that created specific outcomes.

•Clearing and re balancing the chakras and past lives.

•Transforming Cellular Consciousness.

•Clearing and re balancing of all of the major aspects of consciousness and a realignment of Divine power.


“My healings with Donna were exceptionally powerful. Donna was able to address several physical problems at a very deep level over several sessions. She has a good intuitive connection for discovering the type of healing work that a person needs. She is compassionate and caring towards her clients. I highly recommend her.” Tom Porter

“Thank you Donna for working with me to clear stuck energy. You always successfully do the release. I always feel lighter & more clear. The energy to move forward for the next step in my life becomes visible & available. God bless you for doing this sweet work”. Jane Ryder