Lillian Flowers

Lillian Flowers
Lillian Flowers, Psychic & Medical Intuitive
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Akashic Records, Channeling, Distance Healing, Energy Clearing, Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Medical Intuitive, Medium, Metaphysics, Psychic, Reiki, Remote Healing, Spiritual Counseling

Welcome! I invite you to live in the miracle and mystery of every moment: encouraged, reminded, inspired and awakened to your magnificence and divinity. I offer you answers, healings, readings and classes – tools divinely designed with grace – to bring you to where you will be empowered to leverage problems into solutions, discord into wellness, monetary challenges into financial clarity.

I also offer Kabbala (Qabalah) Classes – the science of the Soul. It is also the path of sustainable joy. The study of Qabalah offers you unimaginable opportunities to create an extraordinary life for yourself.

Let’s talk about what is possible for you!