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Mariya Shiyko, PhD

Mariya Shiyko, PhD
Skype and Phone sessions also available
Medford, Massachusetts
United States
Select Holistic Therapy: Akashic Records, Angel Readings, Art Therapy, Breathwork, Channeling, Distance Healing, Energy Clearing, Energy Healing, Guided Imagery, Healing Touch, Hypnotherapy, Integrative Medicine, Life Coaching, Medical Intuitive, Meditation, Medium, Metaphysics, Past Life Regression, Pranic Healing, Psychic, Psychotherapy, Rebirthing, Reiki, Remote Healing, Shamanic Healing, Sound Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Yoga

I help you remember how to feel Joy and how to use this powerful energy for self-transformation, releasing generational conditionings and finding your own power to pursue things of value, meaning, well-being, harmony, self-expression, connection, and wholeness. I help you tap into your inner power of a healer and a creator using an eclectic collection of tools rooted in the metaphysical sciences – works of energy as expressed in thought, emotion, and body.

You don’t need to this alone – it can be testy at times. At the cornerstone of the healing and coaching work is unconditional love – energy that transforms anything: trauma, confusion, doubt, fear, resentment. You build an alignment with your Higher Self and remember that you are a creator – an intuitive and powerful being that came to love.

I help you remember how to have fun and approach the life path as an adventure. Make the most out of it rather than drift in tolerance and resistance. I teach how to work with emotions, make decisions, and untangle problems, whether they are rooted in the body or mind. I help clients with a variety of issues ranging from relationship to physical pain, weight loss, money, family, connection to loved ones, self-esteem, self-expression, creativity, intuition, emotional intelligence, adaptability intelligence, self-awareness etc. My style is compassionate, intuitive and fun.


“Somehow, in ways that I do not understand, Mariya’s intuition led me to unblock the stubborn protectors that reside in my body and thoughts and emotions, letting the clarity that lies within lead the way.  Practically, what happened is that on my way home I suddenly knew my way through difficult aspects in relationships, I knew what to give up and what to pursue.  In the session as we were ending, I saw the image of my own internal fire, and carried the meaning of that image forward. In the days that followed, major career moves fell into place that had seemed elusive previously, and the relationship issues improved with no confrontation or controversy because I could see how to navigate. I felt calm and confident.

Sara Epstein, PhD, psychologist (Boston, MA)

“I’m simultaneously speechless and overflowing with words about my intuition sessions with Mariya. They were fun, playful, deep, intense, real, healing. After each session, even when we did things I couldn’t fully comprehend, I felt a sense of clarity and ease, walking away with renewed energy and percolating ideas about what’s possible in my life. Part therapist, part play friend, part wisdom magician, Mariya was truly wonderful to work with. I recommend working with her to anyone interested in living with more alignment and joy.”

Alia Lahlou, MA, creative program director (New York City, NY)

“My session with Mariya was not only mind blowing, but physically altering. During the guided journey I felt relaxed and safe to share, feel, and express whatever came into my field of awareness. I thought my issues around anxiety, relationships, and sexuality may come up. But I was blown away. It went deeper than I could have imagined. I was surprised by what my body had unconsciously held on to and stored. With Mariya’s help I addressed mental, physical, social, and spiritual obstacles. I felt extreme love in parts of my body that had been numb for years. I found a sense of freedom and peace. I recommend a slice of Mariya’s magic. This was not just a session – it rippled into every part of my life. I am full of gratitude for this opportunity. Thank you Mariya”

Catherine Lamb, Psychologist & Healer (Palmerstone, New Zealand)

“With Mariya, the ‘work’ of self-exploration had never been so much fun! The experience is grounding but light, far-reaching but intimate, and novel in technique but familiar as the joys of childhood play. Mariya meets me where I am and helps me see how I can allow Joy in more areas of my life. Mariya’s creative use of different therapeutic modalities sparks creative elements in me; what a lovely play-mate!”

Ned Kimble, school psychologist (Boston, MA)

“I have no words for Mariya, she is a gifted person. Her aura is such, instantly I felt connected and felt very relaxed and comfortable with her. During my session, after a couple of minutes of talk, her energy guided me to open myself, and all the stiffness inside me started to melt. All my life I was aimlessly and tirelessly searching without knowing what I was looking for. She helped me understand the reason for my search and gave clarity in my current state of life, and what I need to do from now on. After the session, I felt so light and I felt that the baggage I have been carrying so long finally found a place to rest and I am free. My heart was filled with joy and found a new way to see the life. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mariya! I would love to have more sessions and I ALWAYS recommend her.”

Sarila Rana, store manager (Medford, MA)