Meditation workshops with Dr. Jonathan Parker, Personal Transformation Counselor
Ojai, CA

I use a variety of unique meditation methods I discovered and refined over more than 40 years of teaching. Each day I will guide you with 4 or 5 meditations to help you release stuck patterns, karmic patterns, and ego struggles.

My own awakening to enlightened awareness enables me to transmit transformative energies to you that make it far easier for you to rise higher in awareness and awaken. In my retreats you receive the benefits a resonate effect from meditating with me and the group that multiplies the support for you to reach high consciousness.

You will connect with the highest enlightened awareness of your soul revealing more access to your deep truth, more joy, and more freedom.

Experience Meditative Explorations And Enlightening Energies To Carry You Higher On Your Spiritual Journey!

•  Release many of your deepest emotional & spiritual blocks
•  Learn how to deepen your spiritual surrender
•  Connect with the enlightened aspect of your Soul
•  Immerse in High Dimensional Frequencies of Ascension & Love
•  Shift your consciousness to live automatically in the Now
•  Live your life spiritually connected and in oneness
•  Be empowered in an ego-dominated world
•  Experience profound deep stillness, silence, and peace
•  Experience spiritual techniques never recorded or available
•  Meet other like-minded new friends

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