Barbara Anne Rose Author, Coach & Mentor – A Mind Blowing Approach to Sexuality, Sensuality, Relationships – Blog

Barbara Anne Rose Author, Coach & Mentor – A Mind Blowing Approach to Sexuality, Sensuality, Relationships – Blog

A blog by Barbara Anne Rose. Learn how to connect with self and your loved ones by learning about energy, how everything connects, what it all means in relation to everything we do, have, BE. Learn how to take your power back NOW.

Barbara Anne Rose is a coach, public speaker, trainer, healer and mentor. Barbara is a successful author, entrepreneur, mother, fitness model and an inspiration to hundreds. Her journey is one of resolve, recovery, redemption and restoration through sexual abuse, domestic violence, a psych ward, a women’s shelter to insight, inspiration and culminating in finding her own self and her Spirit in forgiving her abusers.

In her focus on the Mind, Barbara is a successful coach, mentor and consultant to high-potential and successful directors, vice-presidents and managers seeking to take their relationships and lives to the next level. She believes that people are more than numbers, metrics and focus groups. She guides individuals in successful habit formation and problem resolution. She empowers them with tools for positive thinking, intuition, focus, reflection and problem solving.

In her focus on the Body, Barbara is a successful Director of Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Physical Therapist technician, health educator, and group and television fitness instructor. As the director of fitness for Greenhouse International she overlooked all aspects of The Bean infomercial for the East coast.

Between 1999 and 2005, Barbara was a successful bodybuilding, swimsuit and figure competitor and uses her own experience and struggle to inspire others. Because Barbara believes touch is an important part of healing, she also uses her expertise as a Licensed Massage Therapist with modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai Yoga, Tantra and Chakra Balancing. Barbara both provides massage therapy and teaches massage therapy individually and in her workshops.

In her focus on the Spirit, Barbara is a successful personal guide, spiritual coach, couples relationship and communication therapist and tantra teacher. Barbara is a motivational inspirational speaker for those who are interested in changing their lives for the better, generating freedom for individuals suffering from pain and trauma. Her book Angel Works addresses her own journey to discovering her spirit, her personal Angel, and insight. She also conducts intensive weekend workshops for men, women and couples to better understand themselves, the opposite sex and their relationships including addressing difficult issues like trauma, addiction, sexuality and intimacy.