National Integrated Health Associates

National Integrated Health Associates
5225 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 402
Washington, District of Columbia
United States
Select Holistic Therapy: Acupuncture, Addiction Treatments, Allergy Treatments, Biofeedback, Bioidentical Hormones, Chelation Therapy, Chiropractors, Colon Therapy, Detoxification Foot Bath, EFT/TFT, Energy Healing, Functional Medicine, Holistic Dentistry, Integrative Medicine, Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Neurofeedback, NHRT, Nutrition, Psychotherapy, Reiki, Thermography, Wellness Centers

NIHA is the largest Integrative Medical and Holistic Dental center in the Washington DC metro area.

We would like to highlight one of our practitioners – Dr. Denia Tapscott!  She utilizes functional medicine to get to the root cause of your medical issues and treat more than just the symptoms.

Dr. Denia Tapscott:

“It’s not enough to diagnose a disease or to treat a symptom without delving deeper and appreciating the processes that underlie the condition. With any ailment, I always ask myself the question – why?

My patients’ “true health” is much more than “your labs are within normal limits”. Testing beyond the conventional labs helps to address nutritional, metabolic, genetic, and hormonal optimization.

Everyone has a life story that influences their health. Through personalized treatment in partnership with the patient, we get to the root cause and begin the journey towards long term health and wellness.”

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