SANDDUNE®- A Tool for Movement, Training, and Rehabilitation for the Entire Body

SANDDUNE® stimulates muscular involvement and helps the body’s core muscles to develop and strengthen. The SANDDUNE® is a cost effective, low impact, cardiovascular exerciser developed to increase balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. The gentle resistance factors of SANDDUNE® comforts your neuromuscular system, as it perceives a safe environment, an environment that is supportive, guiding, and cushioning in nature.


My highest recommendation
Sep 24, 2014 by Maurice Goulet
I practiced Neuromuscular Therapy for almost 30 years and at 62 years old, I found I had become my own patient. Not only did The Sanddune help me build the strength I was losing in my legs but it helped me improve my balance and coordination plus I am loosing weight everyday with no stress on my joints. I started using the Sanddune on august 7th and just 7 weeks later on September 24th, I had already lost 31 pounds. My energy level is high and I'm overjoyed to be able to put my socks on without holding my breadth. I look forward to getting back into the shape I was in when I practiced full time. Getting a Sanddune will be the best decision you will ever make.

20 lbs gone no more knee pain
Sep 24, 2014 by matt dahl
Been on sanddune 15-20 minutes a day for 1 year. Have lost and kept off 20 pounds. Bad knee pain is done. Stamina is off the charts. Up to 25 squats now 61 years young,

Apr 23, 2015 by Jack
I am 87 years old with Parkinsons 10 years. Bad balance problems. Started using Sanddune two and a half years ago. Walking better not falling anymore. Quality improved almost immediately. Strength and muscle noticeably better.