Seeding Square – The Color-Coded Seed Spacer

Seeding Square – The Color-Coded Seed Spacer

Seeding Square - The Color-Coded Seed SpacerSeeding Square is the amazing color-coded seed spacer! It optimizes and organizes vegetable gardens to grow up to 5 times the vegetables with almost no weeds! You will love seeing your seedlings pop up in laser-beam precision, which also makes any weeds that do show up to the party, super simple to spot and yank!

Seeding Square makes sowing and growing vegetables easy – and is perfect for all ages, experience levels and sizes of garden.

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Absolutely Incredible Gardening Tool! By Barefoot In NCon 2016 – This is absolutely perfect for an experienced or the novice gardener, like myself! I am a first time gardener and have this strong need to do everything *perfectly*. I meticulously drew my plans and gave considerable thought to placement. I have (2) 4×8 raised beds and decided on Square Foot Gardening to maximize yield and diversity. This tool took out ALL of the guesswork and it was actually fun using this with my teenaged son and toddler boy helping out! I cannot imagine ever planting a garden without one of these as a guide. What an incredible tool!

Works Great! – By Jack 2015 – As a square foot gardener, this planting square and it’s small tools works great and makes seeding your beds fast and easy. Well worth the money.

Fantastic – By jw408 2016 – I love this thing!! I expected to like it and hoped it would help make my planting more efficient… but it’s made my planting SO much more efficient. The planting itself went really quickly and took the guesswork out of it (I’m a fairly new gardener) and I wound up with the straightest rows I’ve ever had, with no need to thin my plants as they came up. Cute and efficient. Great purchase.

I was really amazed at the superior quality of the square By AMon 2016 – I searched high and low for hand seed planters on Amazon to make planting seeds easier, but could not find one with high enough ratings for me to consider. When I discovered the square and its high ratings, I knew I landed on a gold mine. I must admit, when I first saw this square, I was hesitant to purchase it in fear of owning another “gadget” that I would not use again in the future. However, after it arrived today, I was convinced that this would be a keepsake in my family that I could hand down to grandchildren! Firstly, I was really amazed at the superior quality of the square. The plastic is not flimsy and I loved the crystal-clear colored markings! Secondly, earlier this month, I decided to plant a fall garden and had to use a see-through ruler, the spacing instructions on each packet, plus “guess-timation” to figure out where to plant the seeds. This was so laborious and time-consuming! I will never have to go through this again because the square along with the well-laid out instructions will take all the guess work out of planting seeds. It’s worth every dime I paid for it!

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  • Seeding Square – The Color-Coded Seed Spacer
  • Seeding Square – The Color-Coded Seed Spacer