Soul’s Journey Retreat
Wisconsin locations

What is our Souls Journey? How can I make my journey easier? How can I connect to my Soul? How can I connect to all the other support from the universe? Why would I want to connect?

How will this knowledge help me in my relationships with family, friends and co-workers? Can this information help me to create the life I want?

How can knowing my Soul on a deeper level help me and the world I live in?

We will be working together to better understand and answer these questions and more. We will be breaking this information down in layman's terms. Easy to understand and use to help you going forward. We will learn quick, easy and fun connection techniques and meditations.

-We will be in a natural setting, balancing and healing with nature.
-Inviting those who support us to join us on this journey and honor their journey with us.
-Connecting to our Soul's. Embracing our Divinity.
-Tap into all that is around us. Elementals, Earth, Angelic realms, Star Nations and our Soul.
-Journey with our soul.
-Understanding and growing relationships that serve us and let go of others.
-What we can do going forward. What part do we play in the new energy?

For people who would like to stay the night and enjoy the natural beauty you are welcome to camp overnight. Electrical outlets for campers, pavilion, nature trails by ponds, fields and atop an 80 foot natural limestone ledge, campfire and more.

Lunch is included. Detailed lunch information will be sent out prior to the retreat.