Strongest Minds

Strongest Minds
Amy Cohen, BFRP
Sessions available by Phone, Skype or Live Chat
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Energy Healing, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Life Coaching, Natural Skin Treatments

Specializing in emotional/mental health and wellness – anxiety, sadness, feeling stuck, children’s behavioral challenges, hearing voices.

Practitioner for Emotional Health, Naturally. Phone, Skype or Live Chat available

Author of “On The Spectrum Challenges Are a Family Affair: How Parents Can Use Plant Medicine to Powerfully Take Control of Their Family’s Emotional and Mental Health”

Amy also offers an 8-month Comprehensive Online Course in Holistic Medicine specializing in Emotional/Mental Health and Wellness.  It’s a once/month class and you will be working with clients before the course is finished. Also included is 1 full year coaching. Learn more here – enter email for information

Amy is a certified teacher, has been on TV and radio. See website for details.