Plant Air Purifier system

Plant Air Purifier system

When NASA needed to develop better ways of providing clean air to astronauts in space capsules and the space station, they employed the celebrated scientist Dr. Bill Wolverton to research plant-based solutions.  What Dr. Wolverton discovered is that, while the foliage of a common house plant can do some cleaning of the air, getting the root system involved in the process multiplied the power of a single plant dozens of times.  This is because by drawing air through the root system, one activates carbon-eating microbes naturally living on the roots of common house plants to actually consume pollutants that become trapped in the root ball.  These microscopic creatures actually eat carbon-based pollutants as a preferred food, converting them into harmless substances that the plant then uses for its food.

Plants are the Earth’s natural solution for cleaning and purifying the air by removing harmful airborne pollutants. A common house plant grown in the Plant Air Purifier® is dozens of times more effective than a single houseplant grown in soil.

The Plant Air Purifier® system has been found to remove formaldehyde, benzene, and other volatile organic compounds from the air, as well as dust, allergens, and pet dander. It is the cleanest greenest solution for pure, cleaner air.

The Plant Air Purifier is a self-cleaning, self-feeding natural system for air purification that never needs to have costly filters replaced, and is more elegant and attractive than common HEPA filter systems.  Little maintenance is required other than periodic watering.

Two models are available: the original, larger, Plant Air Purifier capable of cleaning a room about 12’ x 14’ every hour, and the smaller, more elegant Compact Plant Air Purifier that is perfectly suited to your work desk, home table top or a night stand next to your bed.

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