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Natural Health & Yoga LLC.
Shahrzad Nasrabadi, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, Certified Holistic Health Consultant
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You have taken the best step that you can take in your life to improve your health! You are here to heal your body, mind and spirit. You know that yoga is healing! Yoga heals not only the physical body but also yoga heals emotional, mental and spiritual body.  Yoga means unity. unifying our body, mind and spirit through yoga practice is our well-being goal. Isn’t it? Do you know holistic health or alternative medicine has originated from traditional yoga philosophy?

Actually, considering the whole person( body , mind , spirit) is the foundation of holistic health practice. We are not only the physical body, but also mental and spiritual body each plays a big role in our well -being. Physical illness is the last stage of illness in integrative yoga practice. For example, when we get sick , the first stage of symptoms shows off on the spirit level. Next stage of illness is the mental level and finally the last stage is  physical symptoms of illness. Integrative yoga practice considers not only physical healing but also emotional, mental and spiritual healing are necessary. Now we know that we need to heal the spirit first, next we will be able to heal the mind, then emotion, and finally physical body will be healed. This is called holistic health!

Holistic health or traditional naturopathy practice has been one of the best cost -effective practice in history. Naturopathy history gets back to thousands years ago when people found their remedies from the mother nature.  Nature is nurturing! Natural remedies originated from herbs, flowers, trees , fruits, … Those remedies were found based on hundred years of experience.  Natural remedies were effective when applied regularly.  There were less side effects when the whole plants or flowers were used.

At last, regular yoga practice and naturopathy together complete each other. We need to integrate yoga and natural health in order to reach our goal of happy and healthy long life. Integration of yoga and natural health practice creates a healthy life -style that will be rewarding. Our lifestyle is what demonstrates the cause of diseases.  Let’s learn how we can improve our lifestyle and how to  create change to achieve positive results. In following pages, we will guide you how to reach your health goal. If you have enough patience to practice what we teach, we will warranty that you will appreciate the positive results you get. Let’s start today!

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